“Turn Blue” Video Is All Kinds Of Creepy

Turn BlueI could try to explain to you crazy kids about how snowed under I’ve been lately, but I think that much is evident from how few and far between the posts on this site are.

The two pillars that keep me balanced are blogging and training. As long as I’m blogging every day from Mon – Fri and training three times a week or more, I feel like I’m moving forward.

As I write this, I haven’t seen the inside of a gym for nearly a month and I’ve blogged maybe twice in the last three weeks. All I have been doing is working and I wish I could say it’s letting up, but it isn’t.

Still though, I’m going to try get more content up on this site, no use in just having it floating around collecting dust. I fucking love this site, not posting feels like I’ve forgotten to feed the cat and am just hoping she’ll learn how to use a can opener and feed herself.

So to kick things off, check out this video I found. I can almost guarantee you you’ll fall off your chair when you see what it’s advertising at the end.



May 13th could not come soon enough Winking smile


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