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Dark Knight Rises Giveaway Courtesy of @MNetMovies And YTP

239080id1a_MR_DkKnt_BOB_BusShelter_48inW_x_70inH_100.inddHow gangster is that headline? I know that got your attention straight up because you like winning cools stuffs and are curious as to what a “YTP” could be. Regular readers of this site got that one straight away.

Am I right guys? [SFX: Crickets]. Ok, awesome, moving right along then. This Sunday at 20:30, @MnetMovies (channel 103) is screening Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for the first time on South African TV.

To celebrate I’m giving away the most badass Batman bobblehead in the history of Batmen bobbleheads. This is no ordinary bobblehead. This is a bobblehead hand-crafted from 100% awesome.

Here’s what we’re dealing with:



I know you want that bobblehead so I’m not going to waste another second of your precious time. Here’s what you do:

1) Follow @SlickTiger and @MnetMovies on Twitter
2) Tweet me by pressing the Tweet button below

I’ll randomly select a winner by lunchtime tomorrow UPDATE: END OF FRIDAY so that your bobblehead can be sent overnight UPDATE: the Monday right after The Dark Knight Rises this Sunday (DSTV channel 103). It’s that easy.

In the meantime though, here’s a video of a real-life Batman visiting the Dlala Nje community centre a few weeks back:



May the best Batman fanboy win!



#GetDirty And Win A Trip To JHB For A Face-Meltingly Rad Converse Party

heroIt’s competition time again boys and girls and today we are giving away a very special prize courtesy of SlickTiger Industries and Converse that will melt your face off or your money back!

If you’re into bands like Zebra & Giraffe, BLK JKS, Shadowclub, Reason and Vigilante then I’ve got good news because if you win THIS COMPETITION, you’ll be seeing them all live next Saturday.

See, Converse (being the badasses that they are) are throwing a MASSIVE party in Joburg at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown next Saturday and I’m giving away a double ticket to the event which includes a trip by motherflippin train from CT to JHB and hotel accommodation on the Sat night.

All you have to do to win this badass experience is write a comment below about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers (interpret that any way you like) and you could win this insane experience.



Comments will be limited to no more than three sentences and the comment that makes your Tiger pal crack up the most takes home the bacon.

If you strike out but would still like to check out the event, tickets only cost R50 and are available by clicking on this convenient link meticulously coded by the interwebs department of SlickTiger Industries.

This competition closes officially at 12am on Wednesday morning. The winner will be announced on the site later on that very same day.

Lastly, if you feel you fluffed your first attempt, you are more than welcome to submit a second and even a third comment but after that I’ll automatically delete any other comments you post so don’t go nuts on me ok?

May the best, dirtiest man / woman win!



The Tiger Makes One Lucky Reader’s Weekend (#5Gum Winner)

winner-trophyIn internet competitions, as in life, there can sadly only be one winner and though I’d like to reward EVERYONE who entered the #5GumExperience competition yesterday, sadly I don’t have enough tickets.

The challenge was to write in the comments section and tell me what the term “Gonzo journalism” means to you cause yeah, that’s what I’m looking for, a little Gonzo journalist to send on my behalf.

Before we get into the winner, here’s what Gonzo journalism means to me. For starters it’s subjective as fuck, YOUR thoughts, YOUR feelings, YOUR experiences in their rawest, least filtered form. It is unapologetic, abrasive and real. It’s the truth, YOUR truth, whether people like it or not.

So, after much deliberation on my part, I’ve finally chosen a winner and that lucky person. Is none other than. LEAH – YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Congrats you flippin’ badass! In case you were wondering, here’s Leah’s entry:

Gonzo journalism,reporting it as i see it, breathe it, and experience it, with all the elements that makes the Kooks concert amazing! And who needs a tiger onesie when i can paint my body and face and be more creative(and possibly more wonderfully crazy looking:))!

Ps. Im am absolutely restless with the idea of not being able to go, would be eternally grateful, and how cool would it be to write and article and have an excuse to take more pictures than usual!

Can’t fault Leah’s enthusiasm one bit – Tiger body paint for the flippin’ WIN! Here’s a taste of what you’ll be experiencing on Sat night you lucky fish!



Leah, I’ll be emailing you your tickets shortly. To everyone else who entered I hope that some tickets somehow find their way to you because this weekend is gonna be off the CHIZAIN!

With that I’m hanging up my spurs for the day and drinking a cold beer.

Fuck yeah.



Represent The Tiger, Win 2 x Tickets For The CT #5GumExperience

Kooks 5GumThere’s a badass story about Hunter S Thompson when he was covering the campaign trail back in ‘72 and he gave his press pass to this raging maniac he met on a train.

This guy then used the pass to get access into this high profile press conference with all these presidential candidates where he proceeded to heckle the shit out of them and act like a total maniac.

The point of this whole story is that I can’t make the #5GumExperience here in CT on Saturday, so I’m giving my tickets away to one lucky reader to attend the event on my behalf and act as a Gonzo journalist for the site.

It’s a pretty sweet gig – all you gots to do is take lots of pics and tell me what it was like afterwards so I can put a post on the site, crediting the shit out of you and making you look like a total badass.

In return you get to watch The Kooks playing songs like this one LIVE right before your eyes!



To win the tickets, hit up the comments section below and explain what your understanding of the term “Gonzo journalism” is in no more than 3 sentences and I’ll pick a winner at 1.30pm tomorrow.

As always, you’ll get bonus points for getting a chuckle out of your Tiger pal OR promising to wear some kind of Tiger hat / onesie at the gig.

May the best maniac win!



SlickTiger And The Gigantic kulula Paper Plane Invite

kulula inviteAs a kid, I prided myself on the fact that I could fold a paper jet that flew at such an incredible velocity that one time another kid made the mistake of stepping into its flight path and nearly lost an eye.

So naturally I was more than stoked when kulula delivered the flippin GIGANTIC paper plane you see pictured on the left which, as it turns out, doubles as an invitation to “The Most South African Flight Ever”.

This flight will comprise South Africa’s most diverse and representative set of locals who will all jet off together to celebrate kulula’s passion for travel.

But enough of that, back to the gigantic paper plane!

As you’ll see from the pictures below, the kulula ous took a lot of time to get the details of the plane right:




They even put a tail flap on this badboy, too legit!



After throwing the paper plane at a number of my colleagues and coworkers, then bringing it home and throwing it off our balcony at unsuspecting passers-by, I finally today decided to check out the FB app for The Most South African Flight,  which is

There you can officially enter the Most South African Flight competition and be a part of this historic moment when the most diverse South Africans you could imagine (“Calitzdorp clog dancers, Bloemfontein organic cheese makers, Durban bee-keepers, urban goat herders, hipster grannies, one-armed lesbian mud wrestlers from Springbok” etc.) jet off together into the sunset.

Best part of it all is that I’ll be there representing the anthropomorphised blogger / gym klapping community of lesser Vredehoek.

Bada bing bada bang!



Win Tickets To Cape Town’s First Ever Bicycle Film Festival

FixieWhat the shit is a bicycle film festival? I hear you ask, and I don’t blame you for being so confused about the whole thing because I was exactly like that when I heard about it too.

Well, to answer your burning question, a “bicycle film festival” is an entire night at the movies (in this case, the Labia Theatre in Cape Town) dedicated to “two wheeled good times”.

That’s right. Short movie after short movie about bicycles, the people who ride them, the culture surrounding them and the influence they have had on us as a motherflippin’ species yo! This is other level shit guys and you need to get involved because some of these movies are going to MELT FACES.

At this stage you’re probably nursing some healthy scepticism, you’re probably thinking “an entire night of watching bicycle movies? Slick you goddamn douchebag, what in the name of sweet baby Jesus are you roping us into here?!”



And yes, at festivals like these it’s always a grab-bag of movies that are so fucking cool they change the way you look at the world forever on one hand, and movies that are a little average and could have tried a bit harder on the other.

But I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by the high number of life-changers at this, Cape Town AND AFRICA’s, first ever BFF.

The festival comprises two screenings, the first one is from 19h00 – 21h00 and the second one is from 21h00 – 22h30 (roughly).



Most of the movies are about 10 mins long, with the exception of Line Of Sight, an hour-long movie at the end of the second screening that documents the alleycat races – high-speed bike messenger races through busy city streets captured on custom helmet-mounted cameras.

To find out more about the line-up, go to or visit the Facebook event page.


No self-respecting bikey (I just made up that term) doesn’t have a badass story to tell about the time he or she made a crucial mistake at break-neck speeds that ended with him or her flying head-first over the handlebars and eating a faceful of hot gravel.



I want NO MORE THAN THREE SENTENCES from you telling me about the most intense bike accident you ever walked away from and a DOUBLE TICKET TO BOTH SCREENINGS is yours!

Oh and did I mention the tickets also get you entrance into a SICK rooftop after-party sponsored by Redbull Studio Cape Town afterward? No? Well consider yourselves enlightened muthufukkahs!

I’ve got 5 DOUBLE TICKETS to giveaway so don’t be shy, write to Uncle Slick and let’s make this shit happen.

I’m choosing my five winners on THURSDAY MORNING –> BADA BANG!



Win Tickets To The Next #5GumExperience – Terror Island

5GumAnyone who was lucky enough to attend the last #5GumExperience when Two Door Cinema Club played at an old cement factory in Cape Town will know how flippin’ epic these experiences are.

I mean, shit man! You can’t buy tickets to the #5GumExperiences, you can only win them. THAT’S how exclusive these shindigs are, no lies.

So yeah, if you want tickets you got two options. Hit this link before midnight tonight and enter the official 5Gum Terror Island competition for tickets to watch two of the biggest names in electro music, A-Trak and Hudson Mohawke, live in CT. OR you could just enter the competition right here on this motherflippin’ site!

That’s right. I’m giving away a double ticket to catch these guys live when Terror Island hits Cape Town this Saturday. So listen close. Here’s the dealy-o.

All you have to do is send me a pic via email ( or Twitter (@slicktiger with the hashtag #5GumExperience) of a pack of 5Gum that depicts Terror Island like the one below and the best one gets the tickets.



Entries for the competition close at 12 midnight tomorrow (Thursday 25 October) so you’ve got two days to nail this one and the #5GumExperience of a lifetime could be all yours.

To give you a taste of what it’s gonna be like, here’s Hudson Mohawke with “Thunder Bay”.



Rockin. And here’s A-Trak with Mark Foster and Kimbra (the girl that sings with Gotye on “Somebody That I Used To Know”) with “Warrior”, a decidedly more badass video that features two of my favourite things: Mexican-styled wrestlers moering each other and Mexican-styled wrestlers moering each other.



So there you have it folks. Send those pics asap and I’ll announce the winner first thing on Friday morning.




And the Winner Of The Tsogo Sun Competition Iiiiiiiisssssss…

JudithKeppel2Please believe me when I say this decision was not an easy one. There were at least three entries that made me actually laugh out loud, but sadly there can be only one winner.

At first I thought I’d chased potential entrants away by asking people to write a “well written” and funny sentence explaining why they need a holiday.

Over the course of the day entries did start to come through though, some more awesome than others, so before I announce the winner, I thought I’d give some props to the entries that came close.

Master Bates’ entry would definitely have won hands down if this was a “who can tell the sickest joke” competition, so thanks for that one, I’ll be sure to use it at the next dinner party I go to.



Cubicled Chris also got a chuckle out of me with his pants-shitting shenanigans, as did Keenan Harduth with his sneaky tale of a dropped ice cream (I see what you did there Keenan and I approve).

Lastly Tim, you killed me dude. It would have been you hands down if I was judging this on humour alone, but unfortunately it also had to explain why you need a holiday, which unfortunately yours failed to do.

So with no further ado, please join me in congratulating the winner of the Tsogo Sun weekend getaway competition, “Soon to be unemployed” whose entry read as follows:


A mail to all the boys has just been sent to All staff and now all the staff know that I like blondes, nipple clamps and chimpanzees


You had me at blondes and nipple clamps, but chimpanzees?! Wow dude, you need a holiday BADLY!

Expect a mail from your Tiger pal soon to sort you out with a prize, congrats!

The rest of you, the good news is that the Tsogo Sun Sunbreaks Summer Sale is still on until 8pm tonight so jump in there, you can still get 25% off the holidays listed there.

Let the summery good times roll Winking smile



Win A Weekend Getaway Courtesy Of Tsogo Sun And Your Tiger Pal

TsogoSale1 - 800px wideThe competitions are coming in thick and fast on TFW these days folks which means I can finally reward my loyal readers with some boodle.

That’s right, boodle. I chose that word carefully to invoke piratey scenes of golden rolling dunes, blue skies, turquoise oceans and rum because if you play your cards right, that’s exactly what you’ll win.

See, my new buddies over at Tsogo Sun have officially launched a summer sale where you can save 25% on a holiday at one of their hotels in Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal or the Western Cape, but you gotta move fast, the offer closes tomorrow at 8pm!

Alternatively, you could just win a weekend getaway for two at one of the hotels listed in the link above by doing something I like to call “writing well”.



“Writing well” is not as easy as it looks on this site. Sure most people have a keyboard and can push the buttons on it, but can they push those buttons in exactly the right order to create something meaningful? Something that could win them the free weekend of a LIFETIME?!

Only one way to find out…

The rules are simple. Write me one sentence in the comments section below telling me why you need a holiday.

And please don’t give me a bleeding-heart story about some depressing tragedy you’ve endured that somehow qualifies you for a holiday.



This is not a soap opera, it’s a blog site for people with a sense of humour.

So the golden rule applies, make me laugh and you’re in with a fighting chance, capiche?

One sentence explaining why you need a holiday that is funny (the sentence, not the holiday).

If you feel your first attempt is rubbish, you are more than welcome to enter more than once, but try to cap it at 5 entries or you’ll start looking desperate and the other kids on the site will laugh at you.

Entries will close at 5pm and a winner will be announced tomorrow at 9am.

Here’s the small print in bolded writing:

Ts and Cs

The prize is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Your prize is valid until 07 January 2013. The accommodation must be taken up within this period, as the expiry date will not be extended.
  • Your prize is not transferable, may not be converted to cash and, if lost, will not be re-issued by Tsogo Sun hotels.
  • You may take advantage of your prize at any time, subject to availability, convenient to yourself and to the hotel as specified above, with the exception of school holidays, public holidays and certain other peak periods that may be identified by the hotel.
  • To redeem your prize, please contact our Customer Contact Centre in Johannesburg on telephone number 0861 44 77 44 and the Reservations agent will make the booking on your behalf.  Please note that you will be required to fax a copy of this letter to the Reservations agent to secure your booking.
  • You will be required to produce this original prize letter on check in at the hotel – no copies will be accepted.


Do me proud ya buncha flippin maniacs.

Do me proud.



And The Winner Iiiiiiiisssssssss…

beauty-pageant-queen1Thank you to everyone who submitted comments yesterday for the Vodacom Unlock The Power Of The Internet competition right here on TFW.

In case you missed it, I asked readers to submit captions for three insanely weird images I stole from and said the funniest caption (judged by me) would win 5Gb of data from Vodacom.

Well, we had some real hum-dingers yesterday – some were hopeless and some did actually make me chuckle but there can be only one and that one iiiiiiiiissssssss… RICHARD with his “Ju-Ju tiger” comment for Pic 3 – nice one charna!

Richard’s caption perfectly encapsulated the current state of political tension in SA whilst highlighting the tiger-on-tiger prejudice that is felt in many zoos around the country.

Here is the pic with Richard’s caption:



Great work there Richard, I’ll be emailing you shortly to confirm prize details.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part and sending in their captions.

Stay tuned for more competitions coming soon to TFW Winking smile