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Friday LOLZ – A Welcome Return Of Extreme Whatthefuck?!

tumblr_n8nee0YQpR1qax6olo1_1280 It’s been a long time since my last Friday LOLZ post, which is great news because it means I’ve been storing up all the unspeakably weird shit I’ve found specially for you guys!

Feels good to be back posting my regular features again after the long dry spell I’ve suffered. In fact, this is the first week in about three months in which I’ve managed to post every day.

Sure, I might not have a job, a car, a place to stay, any furniture, a fiancée, a daughter (until September), any direction in my life or any real purpose at the moment, but at least I posted five times on my site. Whoop whoop dee doo.

Anyway, here’s the aforementioned weird shit I mentioned. Starting with an informative video on how to have cybersex:



Phew. That is some steamy sheeit right there. Yesssssssssssssssssss.

Moving swiftly along to our animal friends…








Some glitches in the Matrix I’d like to bring to your attention:









Not forgetting our friends the Japanese, who I’m pretty sure invented the phrase “weird shit” back in 1953:




So much whatthefuck…

And then just a random selection of things that made me chuckle:







And my favourite of them all:



Have a killer weekend party people, catch ya’ll next week 😉



Friday LOLZ: Animal Edition

tumblr_n1dmzyaiGX1r6pudbo1_1280What today needs is some crazy internet animals that think they are people. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason the internet was invented way back in 2007 – to show everyone how flippin RAD animals are.

Animals have existed for well over 90 years in various forms namely flying, crawling, swimming and running. Their primary function is to provide LOLZ for mankind over the internet and taste delicious.

Animals were first discovered in their natural habitat, pet stores, where they begin their lives as tiny replicas of their fully-grown selves and spend a lot of time chewing (except fish, but they can’t be really classified as animals as they belong to the reptile family).

Animals can be very well-trained. This animal is very well-trained not to jump on the bed when his owner is home. This is what happens when his owner ISN’T home.

Clever animal…



Animals also have great skills when it comes to DJ-ing as this helps them create close packs of like-minded animal friends in the wild for hunting and partying purposes.

Here are examples of great musical skills with animals:






That particular animal featured in the last video (The Gote) also has impressive skills when it comes to balancing on flexible steel sheets.

Don’t believe me?

How about now?



Birds, which are animals that no one really knows what they are, are also extremely important to the interwebs ecosystem when it comes to generating LOLZ.

Here is an example of a Lesser Spotted Smooth Operator proving this point:



You know what’s also rad? Taking LSD:



Have a killer weekend Party People.

See ya’ll next week for more insane ramblings Winking smile



Friday LOLZ: Bumper-Edition Lolz to kick off 2014

tumblr_mwd4f6le2i1s5rsdao1_1280Friday just ain’t the same without some seriously whack Friday lolz from your Tiger pal. These ones are particularly strange / hilarious / deeply disturbing and have taken hours on interwebz trawling to find.

Some guys, they post hot women in bikinis, others post hot women out of bikinis, but me? I post the kind of content that would give any psychologist a very interesting read indeed.

Today’s Lolz feature everything from a very creepy guy drinking juice to what celebrities would like like if they were normal people to some awesome celebrity equations, so don’t be shy boys and girls, dig in!

Starting with this phenomenal gypsy wedding:



Then moving on to something that happens to me all too often.



A little ScoobydoobeeDOOOOOOOOOO!










Moving right along, here’s a fun video to shit your pants to.
















And last, but not least…



Have a killer weekend party people!



Friday LOLZ – Sleep Deprived Edition 2

insomnia-strugglesThere are bad nights, there are worse nights and there are nights when you have a newborn baby that cries off and on from the moment you get home until 3am.

You think you’ve handled stressful situations? Wait until you got kids (if you don’t already) and they don’t stop crying and you have no idea why. Nothing drains your energy like a screaming baby, swear to God. Nothing.

So forgive me if the “LOLZ” I’ve tracked down this week are kinda out there. If it makes me seem a little less weird, these make a lot more sense if you watch Breaking Bad, play GTA V and KLAP GYM BOET!






















That’s all for this week folks, but tune in again next week for more Tiger good time interweb shenanigans.

Have an A1 day!



Friday LOLZ – Sleep Deprivation Edition

tumblr_mrg5nxZVnh1qzmowao1_500So yeah. Not a lot of posting happening on the site at the moment, sorry about that guys, but with the little Cub to look after things are a little cray-cray at the moment.

Things will settle down (people tell me) but in the meantime, sleep is a precious commodity for J-Rab and I that we don’t seems to be getting our normal quota of at the moment.

Of course, with sleep deprivation come all of it’s awesome side effects like laughing for an inappropriately long time at things that aren’t really that funny at all and generally feeling like you’re watching your life from the outside.

Speaking of things that aren’t really funny at all – here are things like that. Starting with a bird dancing in a bag because what else is there to do in a bag?



Then there’s this waking nightmare I had about the Simpsons the other day…



Followed by Nicolas Cage in his Cageface suit.



Shark news reporter…



More nightmare stuffs…





What happens when game developers take too much acid…



RL Spiderman.



The raddest squirrel known to mankind:






And this:



If at this stage you’re thinking, “Holy shit Papa Slick, you need to get some sleep, son!” then I have only this to say to you:



Have a killer weekend Party People. Anyone needs me I’ll be dead asleep (hopefully).



Friday LOLZ – Overcast, Shitty Day Edition

azbV1Dj_460sAs the title of this post suggests, today is a shitty, overcast day and there’s no other way to get through it than to just knuckle down and spend the next minute looking at this rad random shit I’ve found.

As usual, I’ve trawled the depth of the interwebs to find some truly bizarre shit to share with you guys and shine a little light before the weekend lands and melts our fucking FACES off with awesomeness.

It’s been a helluva week, one of those ones where at the end all you really want to is schlumf on the couch and veg out in front of the ol’ telly until your brain liquefies.

Dig it:














And my favourite one of all, which my man main Peggles shared with me and which was originally posted on 9Gag under the heading:





Have a killer weekend Party People, watch out for those liquefying cigars Winking smile



Friday LOLZ Payday Edition

aD00eQB_460sIt’s been a heavy month on the wallet here at SlickTiger Industries, that’s for damn sure but the great news is that today is officially payday bitches! Thank sweet baby Jeebers.

In celebration of this and to give you guys a break from all the sad Madiba news we are being bombarded with, today we are just going to kick back, dig some rad Friday LOLZ and let the good times roll.

As is the norm here on the site, some of these I’ve chosen because they appeal to my warped sense of humour and others I’ve chosen just because they are plain weird.

Dig it:


















Have a killer weekend Party People Winking smile



Friday LOLZ – Winter Edition

tumblr_mniz93jkrH1r0wqrdo1_1280I have no idea why I called this “Winter Edition” other than the obvious fact that, well, it’s winter. None of the LOLZ below contain any references to winter, except for my friend on the left there.

These LOLZ have been hand-picked by your Tiger pal because they are fucking weird and I find fucking weird things funny (quite possibly because I am fucking weird).

So ram these delicious LOLZ into your face and thank me later. If they make your day go any faster then my work here is done.

Let’s start with a trailer for a movie none of us are ever going to see shall we?



From there, we’re going to change things up a bit with a few screen grabs from an early 90s piece of software called Dr Sbaitso which, from what I can tell, was supposed to be some kind of digital psychologist.






Then there’s this gem. Look what the internet has done to people visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa:









And the best one of the lot (courtesy of my man P-to-the-E):



Have a killer weekend party people, stay warm and don’t forget to always check under your pillow before you go to sleep.



Friday LOLZ – Bad Posting Week Addition

tumblr_mlkk0xTI7r1r3k73wo1_500It’s been a bad week for posting here on TFW, no two ways about it. What few posts there have been were all posted late and content has been a little on the thin side.

I blame Workers Day. When that basterd rolled around, I downed tools and kicked firmly into neutral so I could schloomf through the week towards the weekend and them schloomf some more.

So to wrap things up, here is some random interwebs hilarity I’ve found on my travels, carefully stolen from someone who stole it from someone who stole it from someone. Kick back, make some coffee and have a chuckle as we edge ever closer to the weekend, fuck yeah.














As you were soldier.

As you were.



Friday Lolz – Now Featuring A Double-Dose Of What The Fuck

tumblr_mkwewaHjzC1rccsbqo1_1280I tell ya, the older I get the weirder my sense of humour becomes. It’s reaching a stage where I’m seriously starting to think the things that crack me up are literally funny to no one but me.

So here’s a little experiment in taste. Today I’m going all out with my Friday Lolz and posting some truly bizarre shit that I found hilarious to see if anyone out there relates.

If this shit makes you laugh, leave a comment below and let’s see how many comments I rack up by the end of the day. I’m not a gambling man, but if I was, I’d bet on about two (if I’m lucky).

To be fair, not all of this made me crack up, some of it I’m just posting because it’s fucking weird.

Are ya ready kids?















And my all-time favourite of the week…



Have a killer weekend Party People. I’ll be announcing the #5gum winner at lunchtime.