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Project Whisk(e)y: The Tiger Hits Up An Aficionados Whisky Tasting

WP_000077Aficionados is a local online whisky store that sells a lot of well-priced and rare whiskies. I joined their mailing list recently when I bought a bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask from the site (very awesome whisky).

They sent an invite to attend a chocolate and whisky pairing at The Wild Fig so for the sake of Project Whisk(e)y I went to check it out.

I approached the evening with the highest level of professionalism and took detailed notes which, after my third whisky, rapidly started to degenerate into something closely resembling the ramblings of a village drunk.


Project Whisk(e)y: Johnnie Walker Platinum Launches

johnnie_walker_platinum_18Ahh, Johnnie Walker my old friend. I’ve been meaning to get round to doing a tasting on this site of one of my favourites from the House Of Walker, Johnnie Walker Double Black, but looks like that’s gonna have to wait.

As of last week, Johnnie Walker has officially introduced a new variant, Johnnie Walker Platinum which, judging from its price point, now sits just beneath Blue Label in the Walker range.

To launch this very sexy-looking 18 year old blended whisky, Johnnie Walker have opened what they’re calling the “One Bottle” liquor store in Melrose Arch, where people can bid for the first bottle of Platinum to land on SA shores.


Project Whisk(e)y: Bell’s Special Reserve

BellsI know what you’re thinking. Bell’s. Old white men. Fishing. Their noses so red and swollen if you squeezed them whisky would dribble out.

Bell’s is not hip. Bell’s is not cool. If a guy arrives at a house party with a bottle of Bell’s, you immediately assume he stole it from his dad’s liquor cabinet.

Such is the stigma that haunts this perfectly good blended scotch whisky because it is marketed directly at old men who are so loyal to the brand that they buy it by the case every two months at Makro and have done so for the last 30 years.


Project Whisk(e)y: Black Bush

bushmills-black-busk-irish-whiskey__76468_zoomLast week we went through some of the basics when it comes to how whisk(e)y is made and what the differences are between Irish and Scottish whisk(e)y, so now that you guys have nailed that part, let’s get to the fun part shall we?

The first whiskey we are going to taste together is one of my favourite Irish whiskeys of all time, Bushmills Black Bush.

I’ve chosen this specific wizzo because at the moment it’s one of whiskey’s best kept secrets, which is awesome because it means the price is ridiculous (about R280 from Makro) considering how amazing the whiskey tastes.


Project Whisk(e)y: Shit You Need To Know

iStock_000006313545XSmallAfter a vague introduction last week about SlickTiger Industries newest venture, Project Whisky, it’s time for us to officially get this party started.

My goal here is to get you crazy basterds drinking and enjoying whisky as much as I do because it is truly the greatest spirit ever distilled and your life will be all the better for it.

Step one is the right music. You can’t crack open a bottle of Ireland, Scotland, Japan, America, Canada, hell even India’s finest without getting into the right frame of mind. To get you there I’m calling in a favour from my good buddy, Jim Morrison.


SlickTiger Industries Presents: Project Whisk(e)y

whisky-glass I must’ve been about three the first time I tasted whisky. My mom’s tipple of choice every evening was a J&B and soda, which she would sip intermittently as she made supper.

One night she made the mistake of leaving her whisky and soda on her bedside table while she was reading, so naturally 3 year-old SlickTiger walked in and drank it.

I thought I’d been poisoned. The whisky burned like petrol going down and I turned to my mom with this look of abject horror on my face, as if to say, “You drink this?!” She explained that whisky was a grown-ups drink that my grandfather loved and that one day I might love too.