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Found In Translation

6639820I subscribe to a newsletter from a group called Allaboutwriting that must be the only newsletter of the 20-odd I receive on a regular basis that I don’t swear loudly at and delete on sight.

Such is my love of these newsletters that I think I’ve been receiving them since about 2007 / 2008 and will probably continue to receive them for as long as whoever is sending them sends them.

Yesterday’s newsletter was a particularly awesome one because it contained an excerpt from a book called Mystery Girl by David Gordon who has two novels under his belt – Mystery Girl (published last year) and one from 2010 called The Serialist.


Escape Monday: With Satirical Art

satirical-art-pawel-kuczynski-19It’s been a long-ass time since I posted last, I’m going to try to make up for the shocking lack of posts by NAILING IT every day this week like I normally do, but I can’t promise that that will happen.

At the moment, I’m locked into the final huge sprint for the finish line that is December holidays and it’s pretty brutal. All there is to do is keep your head down and keep on keepin’ on. The only way out is through.

In the meantime though, here are some thought-provoking pieces of satirical art from Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski so you can feel like you’re sticking it to the man yo!


Russell Brand continues To Be A Total Badass In TV Interviews

BrandWhat started out for me as an awesome moment on an American morning talk show where Russell Brand made an entire group of TV presenters look like idiots has since grown into a genuine admiration of this man.

Watching the interview below, I can’t believe this is the same guy I used to think was a gigantic self-obsessed wanker who was good for telling crude jokes and little else.

If you study political theory though, you’ll know that the most dangerous political leaders are the ones that are powerfully charismatic, emotionally manipulative and boiling over with passion, but DAYUM! I’d vote for Brand, the man knows his stuff.


Join Team Tiger And The BUFF CHARNAS And Run For Your Balls

DDDR_3_Medium_280_210_80auto_sI once rote in the SlickTiger Guide To Klapping Gym, Boet that in a gym situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his charnas but in a LIFE situhation, a oke is NOTHING without his balls.

A oke’s balls contains all his POWER. Think about it, what is in balls? SPERM, boet! And what is in sperm? PROTEIN, boet! And what does protein make? MUSCLES, boet!

So what does a oke need to seriously klap it on a other level? BALLS, CHARNA! It’s time to catch a flippin WAKE UP, you gotta look after your balls and THAT’S why you’re gonna join Team Tiger And The Buff Charnas and run for your balls in a red speedo.


I Have Found The Worst / Creepiest Song Of All Time

bc-2900The internet is like an infinite onion. There are layers under layers under layers of so much content with so much more being added that to even consume 1% of that would probably take you a lifetime.

And yet people who use the internet every day tend to stick to a handful of popular sites and that’s all they see. Me, I like to dig a little deeper every now and then and am almost never disappointed by what I find.

The music video you’re about to see is the reason why I will never EVER be a mainstream blogger. I just find utter shit like this hilarious.


iOS7 “Waterproof” Prank Is Hilarious

49674Dunce_CapSay what you like about hackers and people who hang out on “deep web” junkyards like 4chan, but they are nothing if not industrious when it comes to giving the middle finger to the man.

A perfect example of this is the recent “iOS7 Waterproof” scam that people actually believed was true. Basically, a group of pranksters on 4chan put together some very convincing Apple ads saying iOS7 makes your device waterproof.

Looking at the ads the guys put together, I gotta hand it to them, they really went out of their way to make it look legit and predictably, retards the world over have been dunking their iDevices in water with pretty dismal results. Here’s the ad:


The “Inverted Commas” “Post”

online-grammar-nazi_1360826800_epiclolcomI hate the term “Grammar Nazi”. For me, it conjures images of skeletal people shuffling around in rags, eating gruel and being worked to death for incorrectly using a semi-colon.

I prefer “Grammar Enthusiast” as I feel it brings to mind a far more positive image of a kind, nurturing soul who tries to introduce some quality control when it comes to using this clever human invention we call “language”.

I do this because the way people speak and write is deteriorating to the point where it almost feels like they have a personal vendetta against language and have decided to butcher it mercilessly in a misguided cut-off-the-nose-to-spite-the-face attempt at revenge.


Media Saturation Point

miley-cyrus-wrecking-ball-video-4-650-430I think I could be getting close to reaching full-on media saturation point. It’s a bold claim I know and not one I should technically have any right to make considering I can name 5 friends off the top of my head who consume 10 times as much media as I do, but there it is.

This realisation came to me when I watched Miley Cyrus’ over-hyped performance at the VMA Awards and her new single “Wrecking Ball”.

I know both of these videos are supposed to have elicited some kind of “OMGWTF!” response from me as I scrambled for the nearest social media platform to voice my indignation at the declining morals of today’s youth.


SlickTiger Watches The Worst Movie Ever Made, Loves Every Minute Of It

220px-Troll_2_posterRegular readers of this blog probably know by now that I have a weird bent for things that “normal” people probably find unbearably crappy and difficult to sit through.

There’s just something about B-grade that fascinates me. It’s probably a knee-jerk reaction to the over-polished, super-slick, too-cool-for-school mass media world we live in.

There are only so many over-stylised, photoshopped depictions of “reality” I can handle before I start to get bored to tears. Show me something real fer chrissake! Show me something flawed, something fucked up, something truly terrible. It was this desire that lead me to find out about and subsequently watch the worst movie ever made: TROLL 2.


Rare Images Of Kurt Cobain

009_cobainLike countless millions of angst-filled teenagers in the 90s, I was pretty obsessed with Kurt Cobain. The only difference between me and them though is that 20 years later, I’m still pretty obsessed with him.

It’s something I don’t admit freely. It makes me feel vulnerable when I say how much I still admire and respect him because to average Joe, Kurt is just another junkie loser rockstar who killed himself.

Therefore, admitting to liking him is like saying “I dig junkie loser rockstars who kill themselves” which in turn makes people think you wish you were a junkie loser rockstar or worse, that you have a secret desire to kill yourself.