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Masters Of Sex – Three Reasons Why You Have TO Watch This Show

MV5BMjMxNzE1NzY2NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTk5ODMxMDE@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_I don’t think a lot of people know about a little show I like to call Masters Of Sex because the handful of people I’ve told about it all return my enthusiasm with blank stares.

So far they’ve only shot one season but are in the process of shooting season two which will probably air later this year. From what I can tell season one was pretty well received which is weird because no one’s seen it.

My advice is get your filthy mitts on it as soon as humanly possible, wait for a rainy weekend and smash the whole season in two days. Here’s why…

Reason 1 to watch Masters Of Sex

It’s called MASTERS OF SEX, so yeah. There is a lot of sex in it.

It’s based on the true story of the first doctor to conduct sex studies back in the 50s when people knew very little about sex, especially when it came to what women experience during sex and why they experience it.

Expect lots of masturbation and sex with people wearing all kinds of wires and weird contraptions. And Lizzy Caplan naked. A lot.

Fun times!



Reason 2 to watch Masters Of Sex

Interestingly, though sex if the focal point of the series, it never descends into the pure smut of a show like Californication which, after season 3, just became a ridiculous parody of what started out as a good series.

On the contrary, Masters Of Sex perfectly balances the naughty bits with some meaty intellectual fare and compelling drama so you don’t feel like a weird pervy weirdo watching people wired up to machines having sex.



Reason 3 to watch Masters Of Sex

The series starts well, has a few moments in the early episodes that keep you coming back for more, but if I could give one piece of advice it would be don’t ditch the series until you’ve watched up until episode 6.

After that episode, the show takes an insane turn and hooks you right to the end. Damnit people! Just watch the damn show so we can talk about it ok?

That’s all I can really say about Reason 3 without giving too much away.



Watch it, come back to this post and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Or don’t. I’m just interested to see if anyone else finds this show as hectic as I did.



My Thoughts On The End Of Breaking Bad

HeisenbergIt was with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and sadness that I watched the finale of Breaking Bad a few weeks back.

I loved that show because it was impossible to predict what was going to happen next. The writers of the show are unbelievable story-tellers and their grasp of character development and dialogue is equal to none.

Except maybe The Wire. In fact, I’d say that The Wire and Breaking Bad are probably my two best TV series of all time, so you better believe watching the final episode play out the other night was emotional.

But did it work? Did it manage to do the impossible and end one of TVs most popular series in a satisfying way that was true to the characters and the show?

That’s a tough question to answer. As a general rule, there is no good way to end a TV series as tight as Breaking Bad for the simple reason that everyone watching is going to be bummed that it’s over.

I definitely felt that after the final episode ended. This feeling of “Huh… so that’s that…” And while I think they tied up the series neatly at the end and did manage to provide a satisfying ending a part of me still wanted to see more.



It was only after two days spent reflecting on the show’s ending that I picked up on the subtle nuances of that final episode, all of which were deliberately underplayed to heighten their impact.

What follows are a whole bunch of SPOILERS! that you probably shouldn’t read if you haven’t seen the final episode yet. You have been warned.

The central theme of Breaking Bad was just that, Walter White’s decline from being a normal, repressed, law-abiding cog in the machine to becoming a ruthless drug lord in charge of a multi-million dollar meth ring.

It’s the zero to hero story turned on its head because in this instance, Walt’s “hero” status is won at the expense of everyone he supposedly loves. His family is made to suffer directly as a result of his growing lust for power and don’t even get me started on the multitude of fucked up things he puts Jesse through.

Over the course of the show, he grows to become a master manipulator and uses his vastly superior intellect (“Science bitch!”) and his growing ruthlessness to murder the fuck out of anyone who stands between him and his ultimate goal, “looking after his family”.



We realise early on in the series (pretty much around the time he is given a clean bill of health following his chemo) that his motivations have gone far beyond just looking after his family and he’s starting to get into some pretty fucked up shit purely for the thrill of it.

Eventually, Walt becomes a monster. His humanity hangs by a thread that frays more with each episode and good people start getting killed all around him as a result.

Then we get to the second last episode where things get so out of control that Walt opts to disappear completely and contacts the “vacuum cleaner salesman” who sets him up with a new identity and a cabin in the woods 8 miles from civilisation where Walt lays low for awhile.

One month later the change in Walt is immediately noticeable. The boiling rage that used to drive him has simmered down and, left with nothing but time to reflect on the damage he’s caused, he’s become a shell of the person he used to be.



The combination of isolation and his fading health leaves him completely ravaged. For the first time in god knows how many episodes, I actually felt a distant twinge of sympathy for him.

This was amplified when he breaks the golden rule of not leaving the cabin and heads to the nearest bar to call his son. He tries to convince Walt Jnr to accept some money from him, but Walt Jnr basically tells Walt to get fucked. Walt calls the police shortly thereafter and turns himself in.

Of course, this sympathy disappeared completely in the final minutes of the episode when Walt watches an interview on the bar’s TV with his former partners from Grey Matter, Elliot and Gretchen. In the interview they publicly state that they are donating millions of dollars to meth relief programs in order to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they were not involved with Walt’s criminal dealings in any way.

That boiling rage that consumed Walt instantly returns, as does our lack of sympathy with him. It’s clear that nothing has changed. “Heisenberg”, the monster that Walt has become, is still alive and kicking and itching for some kind of revenge.



He flees the bar before the cops can get there to presumably track Elliot and Gretchen down and enact some kind of brutal revenge on them.

In light of this, the final episode is a master stroke of storytelling because it overthrows expectations completely.

Walt does track Elliot and Gretchen down, but it isn’t to do something terrible to them. He asks for them to put all his meth money in a trust fund for Walt Jnr. He knows that they will be beyond scrutiny and that that’s the only way he’ll be able to ensure that his family is looked after.

Sure, he threatens their lives if they don’t carry out his wishes, saying he’s hired two of the best hitmen money can buy to make sure they keep their word (at which point, two laser sights are shone on Gretchen and Elliot. But his intentions are still pure and the laser “sights” are just laser pointers he’s paid Skinny Pete and Badger to shine when he gives the signal, the “hitmen” he’s hired is just a bluff.



The part of the episode that really saved Walt for me though was when he confronts Skyler, now living in a shit-hole house, and confesses to the location of Hank’s body so that Skyler can use that information to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor and DEA.

The dialogue that follows, for me, was some of the best in the series.

“Skyler,” Walt says, “all those things I did, you need to understand…”

“If I have to hear one more time,” Skyler replies, furious, “that you did this for the family…”

“I did it for me,” Walt replies. “I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive…”



A kind of acceptance washes over Skyler, a kind of resignation. Instead of losing it completely at Walt’s confession, she nods, smiles sadly at him and, after agreeing to let him see his baby daughter one last time, watches him shuffle out of her life forever.

The other highlight of the final episode was undoubtedly the brilliantly executed and brutally satisfying revenge Walt takes on Jack and the members of his piece-of-shit gang. Watching the remote controlled M60 that Walt jury rigs from the parts of a garage door opener mow all those fuckers down was a “Fuck yeah!” moment equal to none.

Walt achieves his final redemption in that moment when he not only saves Jesse but also executes Jack (who, despite getting shot to shit, is somehow still alive when the M60 runs out of bullets). It’s a great scene – Jack picks up his still-lit cigarette, puts it back in his mouth calm-as-can-be and starts trying to bribe Walt with all the money they stole from him.



Walt doesn’t even let him finish his sentence before putting a bullet in his head.

And so it was not without a large degree of satisfaction that I watched the final scene play out when Walt limps nostalgically around the meth lab Jack’s gang had set up while he slowly bleeds out from a stray bullet he caught in the ribs.

The cops arrive moments after Walt collapses dead, with the ghost of a smile on his weathered face.



It was a great show, possibly one of the best I’ve ever seen, and though there was no easy way to end it, they managed to accomplish the impossible and have Walt die a good and honourable death.

To everyone who made the show possible, every one of you did an excellent job.

Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be tracking down my old highschool chemistry teacher… Winking smile



Series Review: Walking Dead S3 (Includes Zombie Massacre Supercut)

P_101618I came across this pretty cool “VFX Reel” from Stargate Films following the season finale of Walking Dead Season 3 and was initially just going to post this and carry on with my life.

But then I got to thinking about the season finale of S3 and very quickly realised that, on reflection, the season finale was a total let down in almost every conceivable way [SPOILERS TO FOLLOW].

The end of S1 was decent – Centre For Disease Control explodes, Rick finds out some secret he won’t share with everyone, the gang drives off into an uncertain future, there was enough there to make me want to keep watching.

The end of S2 was the most intense holyshitwhathappensnext cliff-hanger I’ve seen in long time.

Think about it, Rick murdered the shit out of Shane who then turned despite never being bitten only to get gunned down by motherflippin CARL. The gunshot attracted a herd of Walkers who sacked the farm and caused the group to split up in their scramble to get the fuck outta there.

That night, Rick confesses that he’s known all along that you don’t need to get bitten to turn, which in itself was a huge “oh fuck” moment.  Andrea, who’s been separated from the group, gets saved from becoming zombie-noms by some cloak-wearing, ninja-sword-wielding freak who walks around with dismembered zombies on muthufukkin CHAINS!



What a great way to end a series! I was so excited for S3 I could hardly sit still and when it finally came, the first half of it was awesome!

But the second half, eish…

Merle bizarrely changes from being this creepy guy who no one can trust to being a creepy guy who comes to his senses after some gentle coercion from Michonne, releases her for no apparent reason and gets himself killed in an idiotic move that doesn’t really change anything.

The final showdown with The Governor FINALLY happens and, despite the fact that The Governor has 10x the firepower, at least twice as many men and is hell-bent on killing the shit out of Rick and his merry gang, he and his thugs bail the instant bullets start flying and are essentially chased out of the prison by only two fucking people (Glenn and Maggie armed with automatic rifles).



The Governor guns his own soldiers down because he’s a bit miffed they all bailed on him and disappears with the two remaining ones. Rick goes back to Woodbury and everyone’s like “Yay, let’s go live with Rick and these total strangers IN JAIL” before which Andrea dies because instead of picking the fucking pliers up with her goddamn toes and freeing herself, she decided to chat endlessly with that dying nerdy guy!

It was an ending without a cliff-hanger. The only loose end is that The Governor is still out there somewhere, but Rick’s men now out-number the Governor’s and with the added help of the newcomers, I’m pretty sure they can fortify the shit out of the prison and live happily ever after.

Look, I’ll still watch S4 because I’m invested in the characters and story so I can’t not watch it, but I think the end of S3 could have been so much better.

Here’s hopin’ they take it up a notch for S4. In the meantime, dig the zombie-killing good times this VFX supercut from S3:





I Have Game Of Thrones Envy

game-of-thrones-character-posters-05I know that it’s out there and it’s driving me fucking crazy.

I’ve purposefully avoided watching any trailers or reading anything even remotely related to Game Of Thrones S2 because I don’t want to ruin anything but now it’s out, season two kicked off officially on Sunday, and GODDAMN I want me some o’ that!

But then again, do I? Because you know how it goes – you crawl over your own dead mother to get your hands on the season premier, but then have to wait a whole other week for the next episode, lame!

Isn’t that why we started ripping series off TV in the first place? To be able to line up 10 episodes at a time, no ad breaks, no torturous cliff-hangers, and then smash them all in one go?



No, I’m gonna be cool about this one. I’m not going to let my Game Of Thrones envy fuck this up for me, I’m just going to wait for the episodes of season 2 to magically find their way to me like they always do and if it takes a month then so be it.

Then I’m going to line up 5 or 6 of them, wait for a rainy day, put on my dressing gown, close the curtains, throw a duvet on the couch, plug a hard drive into the TV, make a big pot of steaming hot gluhwein, and completely forget about life for the afternoon.

Until then, I’ll be engaging in the internet equivalent of jamming my fingers in my ears and singing “lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala” every time I see anything mentioning Game Of Thrones anywhere.

Until then here’s a teaser for season two that I haven’t watched.



How rad was that?! WAIT DON’T TELL ME!




Californication Season 5 – Yawn

david_duchovny_californication_dThere was a time when Californication was definitely in my top 3 series because seriously, what wasn’t there to like about it?

Hank Moody was a really compelling character. A charming rogue who, though he slept with hundreds of women, only ever loved one (Karen) and spent the whole of the first season trying to win her back.

However, the plot twist that really made the series compelling happened in the first episode when Hank sleeps with a woman (Mia) who he later finds out is not only 16 years old, but is also the daughter of the man Karen is dating.

This transgression haunts Hank throughout the next four seasons of the show, with things coming to a head at the end of season three when he finally confesses to Karen that he slept with Mia.

It made sense for there to be a fourth season after that – everyone wanted to see how Hank was going to make things right after his epic confession, but to be honest, season four felt a little tired.



To put it bluntly, I was glad when season four ended because it felt like they were wrapping the series up. Hank gets acquitted of the statutory rape charges laid against him for sleeping with Mia and he packs up his life, heading back to New York to make a fresh start of things.

It all ended with a nice, stereotypical driving into the sunset shot while this sense of closure washed over us all.

The End.

Or so we thought…



Enter Californication Season 5, which takes place two years after the last season and finds Hank flying back to California, and meeting up with Runkle again because a hip-hop artist / music producer who calls himself “Samurai Apocalypse” (TERRIBLE!) wants Hank to write a movie for him.

I’ll watch Season 5 because I’ve watched every other episode to date and it doesn’t feel right missing out. Also who knows, maybe they can save it, take the series in a completely new direction and breathe new life into it, but judging from the first episode this could very well be the weakest season of Californication to date.



Series Review: Sons Of Anarchy

Sons-Of-Anarchy“So what did you get up to last night dude?” Barbarian asked me around Saturday lunchtime.

“Not much man,” I replied, “just got drunk with J-Rab and watched Sons Of Anarchy.”

“What the hell is Sons Of Anarchy?”

“It’s a badass biker series we’ve gotten into recently, there are four seasons so far, the fourth one just started, I should give it to you, you’ll dig it.”

“I dunno man, bikers are a bit lame…”

“Huh. Yeah. I guess they are a bit lame…” I replied, because let’s face it, Barbarian had a point.

The idea of a gang of dirty men who wear matching leather jackets and ride around together getting into trouble with the law is a little cheesy, but Sons Of Anarchy throws some awesome curveballs and basing it all on a biker gang is actually a really solid foundation for a series.

The protagonist of the series, Jackson Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam, don’t worry, you probably won’t know him) is the Vice President of the motorcycle club Sons OF Anarchy that pretty much runs the fictitious town of “Charming”.



Local police have a long standing understanding with the club that the club keeps drugs and prostitution out of the town and the police turn a blind eye to the club’s gun running activities.

Of course, things start to slowly unravel when the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) sends a team of special agents to Charming to investigate the Sons, and what started out as a bit of a haphazard, disconnected plot starts to come together quickly in the final episodes of the first season for a season finale that punches you right in the gut.

The beauty of the series lies in the tension between Clay Morrow, the club’s stoic, often brutal President (played expertly by Ron Perlman) and Jackson Teller who, while he’s no stranger to kicking the shit out of anyone who fucks with him or the club, also has issues with the morally questionable decisions Morrow makes for the club.



Another huge drawcard for the series is Jackson’s mom, Gemma Teller Morrow (played by Katey Sagal. Remember her? She got famous playing Al Bundy’s wife Peggy in Married With Children) who single-handedly holds the entire club together by being a total badass.

She inadvertently provides a lot of hilarious moments in the series because she’s so goddamned hardcore she makes even some of the men in the series look like scared little girl scouts. She shoots straight and seldom misses, making her an easy character to like, once you get past her apparent bitchiness.



Sure, it has its short comings. The most obvious of which is the way the club constantly gets sent on little quests to get what they want and though the quests are largely successful, the Sons generally end up fucking up something else in the process, thus leaving them in a worse position they were in to start with.

It’s a pretty standard plot device, but Sons is guilty of doing it in almost every episode with the end result that the club slips further and further into the kak until what started as a pretty tame series escalates into tragedy by the end of the first season and then starts dialing that up even more in Season Two.

If you can get your hands on it, definitely watch it, I’m interested to hear if it grips you the same way it’s gripping J-rab and me. Oh and a word to the wise, when you first start watching the series, you’ll hear Sam Crow mentioned at least five times an episode, but you won’t have any idea who the fuck he is or what the fuck is going on.



It’s not Sam Crow, it’s SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original). It’s the acronym everyone in the series uses for the club. That tiny little piece of information will make watching the series a SHITLOAD less confusing.

Big up to GPJtheODG for recommending Sons though. If anyone else out there is into a sick series at the moment, let me know, I actually prefer watching series to movies, I become way more invested in the characters and they are a lot more original than the shit that Hollywood is churning out these days.



Eastbound And Down – The Series I tried To Hate

anchormanWill Ferrell might be a comedic genius but there are only a handful of movies he acts in I actually like.

Anchor Man was hilarious and highly original, The Other Guys had me laughing from literally the first scene and even though Stranger Than Fiction had a bit of a shit ending, it was based on a great premise and it was refreshing to watch him in something where he hardly shouted or swore at all.

But you gotta give the man credit where it’s due. His flamboyant, completely unpredictable, loud, crass and bizarre acting style has spawned an entire genre of American slapstick humour which the series Eastbound & Down steals shamelessly from.

The protagonist (Kenny Powers, played by Danny McBride) is an egotistical, washed up ex-baseball player with a killer mullet who is a gigantic asshole to everyone he lays eyes on.



His unapologetic, borderline-retarded, male chauvinistic world view is so narrow that it encompasses him and no one else. This is made all the more cringe-worthy by the fact that while he used to be a pitching sensation and baseball superstar, at the start of the series he can barely hit the broadside of a barn, a fact that his gigantic ego refuses point-blank to accept.

Bottom line is I was determined not to like this series right from episode one and yet, I’ve just finished watching the series finale for season one and I have to admit, it’s a pretty funny series that threw a few unexpected curveballs (yes. I just did that) in the later episodes.

I also really enjoyed Kenny’s sidekick in the series, Stevie the band teacher at the highschool where Kenny ends up working. I swear to God, the minute they start giving Stevie more scenes this guy steals the show completely.

He’s like the male version of ‘Mel’ from flight of the concords, only more awesome. I almost felt more sympathy for his character than I did for Kenny himself because Stevie is hilariously dorky, awkward and totally unfaltering in his loyalty to Kenny.



Of course, the reason why the whole project feels like a Ferrell rip-off at first might have to do with the fact that he produced and acts in it, but it still has enough originality to break out of the Ferrell mold and the ending is one of the best cliff-hangers I’ve seen in a good, long while.

Needless to say, I’ll be jumping right into season 2 tomorrow and apparently season 3 is on the cards (that’s going to be the final series from what I’ve read) so hopefully the show can maintain the momentum it picked up over the course of season 1, but I’ll be sure to tell you how it all turns out.

For the time being, just watch season 1 if you haven’t already and tell me what you think, I’m always open to feedback. And group hugs.

C’mere. Mmmmmmmm…



The Trouble With Nancy Botwin

weeds-season-6This weekend we got a hold of the rest of season 6 of Weeds and the first 8 episodes of season 7 and proceeded to watch them all back to back because they’re like goddamn Eet-Sum-Mors – once you get started it’s too easy to just pop the next one in your brain and chew away.

If you’ve fallen behind in the show and are planning on watching all the newer episodes, it’s only fair to issue a spoiler alert before I launch into this particular diatribe as it has to do with the current direction the show’s taken and what I’ve come to realise is the trouble with Nancy Botwin.

At the beginning of Weeds Nancy was a great character. She was this sassy suburban milf who was dealing weed badly to anyone who would buy it in the sleepy little town of Agrestic (a fictional suburb of Los Angeles) because she’d lost her husband unexpectedly and was trying desperately to make ends meet.

Very early on in the series, two things quickly become apparent, 1) Nancy has gigantic balls on her, big hairy ones that see her getting herself into all kinds of trouble as she slowly sinks deeper into the criminal underworld and 2) She is so fucking impulsive it’s scary.



These two character traits seem to serve her well in the beginning, but ultimately lead to her making some very, very fucked up decisions, namely:

  • Marrying a DEA agent
  • Involving Andy and Doug in her ever-expanding marijuana business, despite the fact that they are both lazy, unreliable and pretty much functionally retarded
  • Befriending the ex-wife of the DEA agent after she has him killed
  • Enlisting the help of the slimeball Mexican drug dealer Guillermo
  • Burning her house to the ground
  • Boning the mayor and crime lord of Tijuana, Esteban Reyes, falling pregnant with his child and then marrying him
  • Lying to Silas for his entire life about who his father was

Those are just the few that come to mind, but there are many, many more that literally had me groaning whilst watching out of sheer “why-the-fuck-did-you-just-do-that?!” exasperation.



Sure, it’s a TV show and if she just did the right thing all the time, it would be pretty boring to watch, but the result of all the fucked up, and in many cases selfish decisions she’s made over the course of the show is that I really don’t like her as a character anymore.

Especially in season seven where, after serving a 3 year stint in prison, she is released early and finally given a shot at a new life in a halfway house in New York only to jump straight back into the weed selling business and start all the shit that fucked her life up all over again!

The trouble with Nancy Botwin is that, seven seasons in, she hardly has one redeeming quality that makes me sympathise with her any more. She’s just a hopeless drug dealer who drags her poor family into her fucked up little world again and again and again and seems to feel no remorse for doing so.



The key lesson here kids is never deal weed, no matter how tempting it may seem.

But tune in next week for a breakdown of the latest series of Breaking Bad where the ley lesson is never cook crystal meth (SUCH a fucking awesome show. The main guy is the dad from Malcolm In The Middle, but you’d NEVER guess it).



Game Of Thrones – 3 Reasons Why You Need To Watch This Show

I got wind of this series from one of my colleagues recently called Game Of Thrones which he’d read about online but hadn’t had a chance to watch yet because he was waiting for a moment when his wife was busy with something else so he could watch it.

This immediately told me two things, 1) It was probably awesome (girls, with the exception of J-Rab, generally can’t handle shit that’s awesome, it cuts into their Gossip Girl time) and 2) I needed to get my filthy hands on it as soon as humanly possible.



So I dutifully trawled the interwebs for the first seven episodes and started watching them last week and while it’s not the most life-changing series I’ve ever watched (I’ve never managed to top The Wire, you HAVE TO watch that show if you haven’t already, it will blow you the fuck away) it is pretty cool for the following reasons:


1. It’s All Medieval And Shit

Ok, ok, I know how dorky that last sentence reads and yes, at first it is a little dorky what with all the “mi’ lords” and “mi’ ladies” and the olde English that everyone speaks all the time. It’s set in the mythical land of the Seven Kingdoms Of Westeros and is based on a fantasy novel series written by George R. R. Martin called A Song Of Ice And Fire that comprises four books so far with a fifth landing next month.



So yeah, it’s all namby-pamby olde English and prancing around and banquets and shit until they get to the SLAYING! Then it’s all about fucking hacking the living shit out of one another, getting lanced in the neck, stabbed with daggers in the eye, getting dragged behind horses and skewering one another with every imaginable pointy weapon known to man!

So for all its gay period drama-ness it has a lot of scenes of gratuitous violence as well – brilliant!



2. The Bad Guys Are Fucking Terrifying

This is probably the MAIN reason I’m watching the series right now. In the opening scene you see these things in the woods that have slain a whole bunch of people, hacked them up and arranged their body parts to form some weird kind of symbol in the snow.

You catch fleeting glimpses of them and then BAM! Scene’s over, and you’re left thinking what the fuck just happened?! So you watch the first episode to find out, but do they tell you? No sir. They do not tell you. Nor do they tell you in the second, or third or fourth episode and by then you’re totally drawn into what’s going on in the story itself.



It’s a great plot device and they use it really effectively. All you get are little hints dropped here and there by some of the characters, just enough to know that whatever it was you saw in the beginning is bad fucking news and it’s coming…

It’s coming…


3. Breasts, breasts and more breasts

Full, pert medieval breasts. Natural breasts, before they were pumped full of silicone. And sex, plenty of sex in pretty much every episode, just enough to counter-balance the violence and keep things steamy.



I’m an unashamed admirer of the naked female form and clearly so are the people that made this show so there’s another reason why I don’t feel like a total geek recommending this series to people.

It’s got nice boobs.

So there you have it. Of course Game Of Thrones also has a pretty killer plotline, some great twists and turns in the story, highly likeable (and more importantly dislikeable) characters and some very accomplished acting but yeah, it’s the violence, bad guys and boobs that sold me Winking smile