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Tiger Tries To “Smuggle The Rainbow” – Hilarity Ensues

unnamed-1-620x347I’ve always dug Skittles’ digital campaigns because they do some pretty crazy stuff and it works. So I was stoked to receive a blogger drop recently with an invitation to “smuggle the rainbow”.

Here’s the down lizzo – the mission they gave me was to go to and survive an interrogation from Customs Officer Oosthuizen as I attempted to smuggle the rainbow into South Africa.

I gave it a bash and lemme tell ya, it weren’t easy, but provided you can keep a straight face and not move a muscle during the interrogation process, you should be juuuuuuuuussssttt fine. Oh, you also need a webcam otherwise you won’t be smuggling no nuthin’.

But before we get to the smuggling bit, lemme show you guys the badass personalised blogger drop the Skittles folks sent may way.

Here’s what was delivered to me in a big box. A book! Hell yeah I love books!



Then I opened it and found out it was a legit prison Bible!



In the prison Bible was a canister that was designed to look like your Tiger pal, check it:



Here’s a profile shot so you get a better view of the Tiger-hat:



I opened the canister and found it was packed FULL of Skittles. This is the part where I show you a pic of that canister full of Skittles except I binge-ate them all Disappointed smile

This was definitely one of the better drops I’ve ever received so big up to the Skittles crew for putting this all together, great job guys.

Now it’s your turn to Smuggle The Rainbow. Hit and get your best poker-face ready to take on Customs Officer Oosthuizen and if you get it right, you’ll get the chance to add the Skittle you smuggled to this page:



When you get there, scroll down until you see this:



It’s the Skittles smiley face that my Skittle forms a part of. Only it’s missing a right eye.

Go. Finish the Skittle smiley.

Finish it now.



Converse Announces The Final 10 SA Artists For Get Out The Garage

GOTGIf you guys have been following the Converse Get Out Of The Garage competition, then you’ll be excited to know that the final 10 artists for the public voting phase of the competition have been announced.

I’ve had a listen to all 10 of the finalists in this year’s competition and yeah, there are a couple diamonds in the rough right there, no doubt about it.

As with the finalists last year, I’m posting a couple of bands that I think really deserve the votes. Keep in mind this is totally subjective – you might think these bands suck, in which case, hit this link to hear the others and find your own favourites.

Before we kick out the jams though, let’s find out what’s at stake here, shall we?

The band / artist that gets the most votes through the Converse Get Out Of The Garage Facebook page app will win a performance at Rocking the Daisies, a gig at the legendary 100 Club in London, and the opportunity to record at RubberTracks in NYC.



A total of 334 acts submitted a variety of tracks ranging from punk rock to deep house, and one of them will earn the chance to perform at the 100 Club in London, which happens to be the running popular music venue in the world – BADAM!

You have until the 13th of September to vote for your favourite artist on Facebook, you can access the voting page through this super-long hyperlink that, provided I keep writing it, could very well go down in interwebs history as the longest hyperlink in living memory. Supercalafragilisticexpealadocious.

Now! Onto the bands that blew my hair back (in no particular order).

First up is Bruce Noble, a 5 piece pop band from Potchefstroom (of all places. Do they even have music in Potchefstroom?! Who knew…). The oldest band member is 22 which blew me away considering how polished their particular brand of indie / dance pop sounds.

The production is also pretty solid, check it:



Next up is The Aztec Sapphire, who I thought also deserved a special mention. They have a bit of a Foals vibe to them, very chilled stuff – breezy synths, slow strumming, elegant in its simplicity.

Not sure where these guys come from but they got a truckload of potential if this track is anything to go by.



This next band hails from Cape Town and goes by the name Rumspringer. They’re definitely going for a strong electro swing vibe with some Balkan riffs and beats thrown in for good measure.

Sure, bands like Goldfish and Goodluck are already milking this genre for all it’s worth, but I really dig Carla Louw’s vocals, they have an edginess to them that really stands out for me.

The only thing I found a bit weird is that they made it into the final 10 with a remix of one of their tracks (?). Anyway, here’s the James Copeland remix of their track “Gypsie Queen”.



So there it is. Now go check out the others and VOTE yo! Just by voting, you stand the chance to join your favourite band from the final 10 when they fly to London to play at the 100 Club so get on it!

Tiger out.



Good News For Unsigned SA Bands – “Get Out The Garage” Is Back!

GOTGIf you guys cast your minds far, far, far, far, far back you’ll remember a campaign that ran last year called the Converse “Get Out The Garage” competition which Matthew Mole ended up winning.

The lucky guy got to not only play at the iconic 100 Club in London, but he also got to record at the Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn, New York. It was a huge springboard for the guy and he made the very best of it.

The good news is that the competition is back and Converse is once again on the hunt for unsigned local talent to get out the garage and show the world that SA has some flippin SICK talent.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of how to enter, check out what Matthew got up to last year after winning the Get Out The Garage competition:



Some pretty epic sheeit going down in that vid. That could be you. All you gots to do is get your shit together, upload your best track to Soundcloud, post it on the Converse Facebook page before the 8th of August and hope for the best.

On the 15th August, judges Catherine Grenfell, Jon Savage and Reason will have narrowed the entries down to a final 10, who will then be showcased on the Converse Facebook page for the public to vote on.

The artist / band with the most votes wins the grand prize which will be announced on the 16th of September.



The big winner will also have the opportunity to play at this year’s Rocking The Daisies which, judging from the line-up that’s been announced so far, is an honour in itself.

But that’s not all! Call now and you’ll get this free instructional DVD! Joking. Simply by voting for your favourite artist / band from the final 10, you’ll automatically be entered into a competition to join your favourite band VIP style when they travel to London for the 100 Club gig.

Spread the word people and watch this space for competition updates.



Movie Review: Man Of Steel

ManofSteelNokiaLumia925My good friends at Nokia surprised the hell out of me yesterday by swinging two tickets to the Man Of Steel premier my way so I could get a sneak peek at one of the most talked about movies this year.

Man Of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen), produced by Christopher Nolan (director of the Dark Knight trilogy) and written by David S Goyer (writer of the Dark Knight Trilogy).

Add the insane trailers that have had the internet buzzing over the past few months and the movie looked like it had everything going for it, but did it stack up to the hype?

The answer is an undisputed HELL YES from your Tiger Pal. Man Of Steel is that rare kind of superhero movie that doesn’t fall on it’s own sword by relying solely on the clichés of the genre to hold the film together.

The drama is sincere, the action is so intense your heart feels like it’s going to explode like a grenade in your chest, the dialogue is lean and mean and the acting is some of the best I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie.



Man Of Steel is essentially a reboot of the Superman franchise that I’ve read was done as the first step in building a Marvel-type shared fictional universe between Superman and other DC characters.

Story-wise I wasn’t expecting too many surprises because we all know the Superman legend. Superman (real name Kal-El) is sent to Earth by his father Jar-El (expertly played by the stoic Russell Crowe) in an effort to somehow preserve their race moments before Krypton goes up in flames.

On Earth Kal-El is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent who raise the boy as their own and name him Clark. Clark endures a difficult childhood, painfully aware from an early age that he is nothing like the people around him.



Through the love and support Jonathan and Martha show Clark, he learns to control and hide his powers and to blend in as best he can.

All this changes when an ancient alien vessel is discovered in the Arctic and Clark infiltrates the scientific expedition to determine the vessel’s origin. Using a kind of Kryptonian key from the ship Clark travelled to Earth in as a baby, Clark awakens the alien vessel and with it, a hologram of his father Kal-El who tells his son the truth about his origin.

The alien vessel also triggers a distress signal that is intercepted by another survivor of Krypton, the ruthless General Zod. Zod and his cronies descend to Earth and demand that Clark be surrendered within 24 hours which is when things start to turn nasty.

Michael Shannon’s portrayal of Zod is some of the most spine-chillingly terrifying acting I have ever seen. This man is the very embodiment of malevolent fury. His malice burns like an inferno – it’s so intense watching him act that you’re torn between fist-pumping “FUCK YEAH”s and a powerful urge to hide under your seat.



The best films are the ones that make you like the bad guys and Man Of Steel follows this rule to the letter. Sure, Zod is a megalomaniacal despot hell-bent on the extinction of the entire human race, but it’s only because he wants to bring Krypton back to life and safeguard a future for him and his people.

Is that really such a bad thing? He might be heavy-handed in his methods, but you have to admire a man that dedicated to achieving a task he feels is his birth right to fulfil.

Then there’s ol Supe himself, played by the BUFFEST CHARNA IN THE LAND, Henry Cavill in a role he was born to play. The problem I always have with Superman is that I don’t connect with him as a character because he’s too perfect.



A character like Wolverine I find a lot more accessible because the guy’s a bit of a mess and is the poster-mutant for the archetypal anti-hero. Superman is different. He always does the right thing, he doesn’t suffer from the same conflict that normal people do and for that reason I always thought of him as being a bit of a douche.

The beauty of Goyer and Snyder’s Superman is his vulnerability. It makes him more human. It makes you instantly like him because what Goyer and Snyder show so convincingly in the film is how tough Superman’s life growing up was.

The real clincher though is Cavill’s performance. Not only is the man ridiculously good-looking and built like a brick shitter, but he can actually act, which I’m pretty sure has never been a pre-requisite in a Superman movie before.



The emotion Cavill can convey in one look is more than I think any previous Superman has conveyed in their entire acting careers. He draws the audience in close and keeps them there for the entire film. You actually like Cavill’s Superman, you empathise with him, you want him to beat the bad guys – that surprised me more than anything else in the movie. I left the movie actually liking Superman.

The only one issue I had with the film were the (brace yourself) Christian undertones. I suppose at its core (man with superpowers is sent from above to save mankind) the Superman story has always had Christian parallels, but having Superman chat to a priest in a church before making his mind up to “take a leap of faith” and reveal who he is to mankind had me squirming in my seat.



Also, he’s 33 years old. The same age as Christ when he was crucified. There are probably more parallels if you scratch around for them, but just those two left me a little cold so I chose to actively block out any others that may or may not have been included because I just feel that there’s a time and place for religious sermons and it’s not in Superman movies, especially ones with Snyder, Goyer and Nolan at the helm.

The bottom line however is that Man Of Steel was everything I’d hoped it would be and more. It’s the kind of movie you can watch with high expectations and still be satisfied by, which is saying a lot in this age of over-hyped blockbusters that are mostly epic disappointments.

Watch this film on the big screen. Splash out and go for the 3D version, I guarantee you it will be worth every cent.

Final Verdict: 9/10



The Converse #GetDirty Competition Winner Is…

a-trophySorry I didn’t get around to posting this earlier boys and girls, it’s been a manic day but the good news is I’ve had a read through all the entries for the Converse #GetDirty competition and chosen a winner!

It’s never an easy task doing this (another reason why this post is so late) and with this comp in particular, there are some flippin awesome entries – someone call a vet, there some seriously sick puppies out there.

So anyway, the task was to post about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers. You guys posted some other level sheeit, but the big winner today iiiiiiiissssssss…

Ardian “Funky” Phipps! Congrats my man! Your story about getting so hammered you crawled UNDER your tent and passed out definitely qualifies you to handle anything Saturday’s party might throw your way.

The Converse kids will be in touch shortly with all the details you’ll need for the train ride and Saturday’s party, hell’s yeah!

Adrian has won a basically all-expenses paid trip to the Converse #GetDirty party happening in Jozi this weekend where he’ll be checking out a whole bunch of bands, including these badasses:



Party on Wayne Winking smile



#GetDirty And Win A Trip To JHB For A Face-Meltingly Rad Converse Party

heroIt’s competition time again boys and girls and today we are giving away a very special prize courtesy of SlickTiger Industries and Converse that will melt your face off or your money back!

If you’re into bands like Zebra & Giraffe, BLK JKS, Shadowclub, Reason and Vigilante then I’ve got good news because if you win THIS COMPETITION, you’ll be seeing them all live next Saturday.

See, Converse (being the badasses that they are) are throwing a MASSIVE party in Joburg at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown next Saturday and I’m giving away a double ticket to the event which includes a trip by motherflippin train from CT to JHB and hotel accommodation on the Sat night.

All you have to do to win this badass experience is write a comment below about the dirtiest you’ve ever gotten in a pair of sneakers (interpret that any way you like) and you could win this insane experience.



Comments will be limited to no more than three sentences and the comment that makes your Tiger pal crack up the most takes home the bacon.

If you strike out but would still like to check out the event, tickets only cost R50 and are available by clicking on this convenient link meticulously coded by the interwebs department of SlickTiger Industries.

This competition closes officially at 12am on Wednesday morning. The winner will be announced on the site later on that very same day.

Lastly, if you feel you fluffed your first attempt, you are more than welcome to submit a second and even a third comment but after that I’ll automatically delete any other comments you post so don’t go nuts on me ok?

May the best, dirtiest man / woman win!



Slicky-T Tastes His First Double-Whopper In SA, Cries Tears Of Joy

WHOPPER A3As arguably one of SA’s most influential and widely-read bloggers, I was invited to the first Burger King store to open in South Africa so I could taste a Whopper before the official launch on Wednesday.

That’s right. While you poor basterds were eating some mediocre left-overs for lunch at your desks, I was being treated to a grand tour of SA’s first Burger King by the CEO himself, Jaye Sinclair.

After the tour we were invited to place our orders for anything we wanted off the menu, so naturally everyone went for Whopper combo meals. Everyone except your Tiger pal. He upped the ante and went for a DOUBLE-Whopper combo and wow. He left a changed man.

First, a word about the restaurant itself. The new branch has opened up at 33 Heerengracht, it’s two stories of burger-nomming goodness; here’s the vibe downstairs:



Upstairs it’s a full-on restaurant that has this really cool mural on the one wall that looks like this:



The new branch also includes a whole lot of awesome entertainment for kids like PS3s for example:






And the best feature of all, behind the kiddies indoor jungle gym / play area there is a room where interactive games are projected onto the floor.

The games change randomly and there are apparently 1 000 different ones loaded into the system. The games are played by stomping different things projected onto the floor like sheep:



Or sums:



The room can also be hired out for kid’s birthdays and custom games can be made for these special occasions, so that’s a pretty cool added benefit.

During the tour, the whole issue of not having bacon on the burgers was raised, but Jaye was very straightforward in his reply – by including bacon products on their menu, Muslim and Jewish customers are immediately being excluded from Burger King.

His aim is not to discriminate against any of his customers and obviously including bacon on the menu contradicts that imperative. They’re looking into including macon on the menu as a bacon substitute, which I think is totally legit.



Anyone who’s tasted macon will tell you in a second that it’s very difficult to distinguish it from the real thing. Look at Butler’s Pizza – not a scrap of bacon on any of their pizzas, they use macon instead and it tastes pretty damn amazing (heads-up to Sean Stack for pointing that one out to me – holla!).

Once the formalities were over, we proceeded swiftly to the counters and ordered our burgers.

Here’s what that looked like:



Finally the big moment was upon us. With trembling hands, I opened my DOUBLE-Whopper box and carefully extracted my burger from the paper sleeves they are served in (purely so we could get a good photo. The idea is to eat the burger IN the sleeve to minimise messiness and the chance of your fingers smelling like burger for the rest of the day).

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and, like a shark chomping down on a small fishing boat, my eyes rolled back into my head as I sunk my teeth through layer upon layer of burgery goodness.



The flavours of the burger started mingling and meshing with each other, flooding my senses in a wash of grilled patty, creamy mayo, crunchy lettuce and tangy gherkin flavour notes that sang like a choir of angels in my mouth.

I swallowed. Things got emotional. A single tear ran streaming down my cheek. I was in burger heaven.

I greedily washed the burger down with the medium Pepsi that came with the meal and then turned my attention to the “medium” fries that came with the meal, the only disappointment in an otherwise perfect combo experience.

I made the rookie error of thinking that I wouldn’t need a large combo as I was already having a DOUBLE-Whopper and as a result was given a tiny portion of fries which was sad because they were perfectly deep-fried – crunchy and salty on the outside and immaculately soft and fluffy on the inside (just like your Tiger pal).

All-in-all though, I’d rate burger King better than McDonalds and definitely on a par with good Steers (it varies from branch to branch) in terms of quality but here’s the kicker, price-wise it’s WAY better than the competition (a Whopper meal will cost you a paltry R39.90, proof follows below).



So all that’s left to do is get your ass over there when they officially open tomorrow and get ready to experience a whole other level of burger-nomming goodness.

Tiger out.



The Tiger Makes One Lucky Reader’s Weekend (#5Gum Winner)

winner-trophyIn internet competitions, as in life, there can sadly only be one winner and though I’d like to reward EVERYONE who entered the #5GumExperience competition yesterday, sadly I don’t have enough tickets.

The challenge was to write in the comments section and tell me what the term “Gonzo journalism” means to you cause yeah, that’s what I’m looking for, a little Gonzo journalist to send on my behalf.

Before we get into the winner, here’s what Gonzo journalism means to me. For starters it’s subjective as fuck, YOUR thoughts, YOUR feelings, YOUR experiences in their rawest, least filtered form. It is unapologetic, abrasive and real. It’s the truth, YOUR truth, whether people like it or not.

So, after much deliberation on my part, I’ve finally chosen a winner and that lucky person. Is none other than. LEAH – YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Congrats you flippin’ badass! In case you were wondering, here’s Leah’s entry:

Gonzo journalism,reporting it as i see it, breathe it, and experience it, with all the elements that makes the Kooks concert amazing! And who needs a tiger onesie when i can paint my body and face and be more creative(and possibly more wonderfully crazy looking:))!

Ps. Im am absolutely restless with the idea of not being able to go, would be eternally grateful, and how cool would it be to write and article and have an excuse to take more pictures than usual!

Can’t fault Leah’s enthusiasm one bit – Tiger body paint for the flippin’ WIN! Here’s a taste of what you’ll be experiencing on Sat night you lucky fish!



Leah, I’ll be emailing you your tickets shortly. To everyone else who entered I hope that some tickets somehow find their way to you because this weekend is gonna be off the CHIZAIN!

With that I’m hanging up my spurs for the day and drinking a cold beer.

Fuck yeah.



Represent The Tiger, Win 2 x Tickets For The CT #5GumExperience

Kooks 5GumThere’s a badass story about Hunter S Thompson when he was covering the campaign trail back in ‘72 and he gave his press pass to this raging maniac he met on a train.

This guy then used the pass to get access into this high profile press conference with all these presidential candidates where he proceeded to heckle the shit out of them and act like a total maniac.

The point of this whole story is that I can’t make the #5GumExperience here in CT on Saturday, so I’m giving my tickets away to one lucky reader to attend the event on my behalf and act as a Gonzo journalist for the site.

It’s a pretty sweet gig – all you gots to do is take lots of pics and tell me what it was like afterwards so I can put a post on the site, crediting the shit out of you and making you look like a total badass.

In return you get to watch The Kooks playing songs like this one LIVE right before your eyes!



To win the tickets, hit up the comments section below and explain what your understanding of the term “Gonzo journalism” is in no more than 3 sentences and I’ll pick a winner at 1.30pm tomorrow.

As always, you’ll get bonus points for getting a chuckle out of your Tiger pal OR promising to wear some kind of Tiger hat / onesie at the gig.

May the best maniac win!



R1k iTunes Voucher Winner Winner Chicken DInner!

winner-illustration1I’m about to make someone’s Monday very, very cool because after much deliberation over the weekend, I’ve finally chosen an entry from last week’s King Price competition to win the R1k iTunes voucher.

I asked everyone to watch the King Price commercial that’s been on TV recently where this guy comes up with this crazy story as to how King Price are able to lower their car insurance premiums every month.

Then I invited you crazy basterds to write your own convoluted stories as to how you think King Price is able to lower its car insurance premiums every month and said the funniest, most original one would take home the bacon.

So, with no further ado, I am proud to announce that the winner of the King Price competition iiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssss…


Besides the fact that Jabulani entered the competition twice (which was totes legit, I said you could enter as many as three times, but no more) which in itself showed a commendable level of dedication, his entry about “Dr King Price” got a chuckle out of me – here it is:

King Price can afford to decrease their premiums month by month because they also moonlight as a sangoma, Dr. King Price. They advertise everywhere – via pamphlets, posters, Gumteee – about their services of bringing back lost lovers, getting you that promotion, organising ‘short boys’ to bring you money and much more. As you can imagine, lots (I mean LOTS) of people make use of their unique services, so this alternate revenue stream brings in a truckload of cash and that’s why they can afford to decrease premiums.

Jabulani, I’ll be hitting you up a little later today to sort you out with your iTunes voucher.



To everyone else, thanks for your entries, they were all really strong but sadly, just like the great and highly underrated movie franchise The Highlander says, there can only be one.

Check back in a lunchtime for some Escape Monday goodness.

Later Party People.