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Goodbye 2009

I can never fucking remember which way around it goes. I mean, there was probably a time when I used to know this shit, and that’s probably why it stuck, but lately, man, who the fuck knows?

The idea is that you’re either an even year kinda person or an odd year kinda person. In other words, you either have good even years or you have good odd years.

When my buddy Stikey first told me this it had a great and terrible significance in my life. I remember at that point in my life (nearly 3 years ago) it all made sense, I could trace all the tragedies in my life back to even years and all the triumphs back to odd years, or was it the other way around?

I don’t fucking know.

All I know is that with each passing year the calendar of your life gets pockmarked with another tragedy or punctuated by another triumph and I guess after enough time, who can remember which years the big ones land on?

Also, who knows the significance of a triumph or tragedies until years and sometimes decades after they have passed?

I don’t fucking know. At times I like to think I know a thing or two about this life, but when I think carefully about that idea, I realise I know very close to fuck all about fuck all.

I wish I could make you smile one last time for 2009 and write a great blog post and a heartfelt send-off for 2009, but I can’t.

Sure, maybe it’s been a shitty year. Maybe that’s the big problem I’m having, trying to look back on a year that had more negative aspects than positive ones and trying to find the brightside.

And no, I’m not talking ‘I’m Mr Brightside’, I’m talking ‘Always look on the bright side of your life’, there’s a difference.

I’ll say this though. Thank you. From the bottom of my black heart, for reading this blog, you don’t know what it means to me.

I never understood how a world so full of people could be such a lonely place, but because of this blog and you reading it, my world at least, feels that much less lonely.

I hope 2010 brings you happiness, health and wealth. I hope it’s everything you could wish for and more than that.

Your buddy ‘ol pal,