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A Post From SlickTiger To The Women Of SA

Decker1We’re going to keep today’s post nice and quick because it’s a beautiful day in Cape Town today and I’d rather be out spoiling my woman somewhere where we can soak up the sun and sip a cocktail or ten.

Today is about celebrating women for the beautiful and crazy creatures they are because even though they might drive us completely insane from time to time and are basically nearly impossible to figure out, the love of a good woman can save even the most wretched of souls.

And besides that, if you had to take women out of the equation completely and just fill the world with men I think it would very closely resemble hell.

We’d probably fill our time with war, death, torture, fighting, killing, maiming, destroying, obliterating, eviscerating and sodomy. More sodomy than you could shake a rubber ball gag at – does that sound like fun to you?



Fuck no. So the next time your girlfriend busts your balls because you’re left the dishes for three days or you spend too much time getting rat faced with your buddies than you do hanging out with her buying shoes, just keep that thought in mind.

Girls bring balance to the force. Life without them would be fucking miserable.

So thank you girls, all of you out there (and especially the ones who read this site. You are a rare breed and a continual reminder that not all girls are about lip gloss, the Ellen Degenerate Show and celebrity gossip. I salute you).



Please never decide to leave this planet en mass because you’ve had enough of us. I know we can be retarded sometimes, but we can also be strong, brave, understanding and great at opening pickle jars.

We need each other. Let’s both never forget that Winking smile

Happy Women’s Day.