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Escape Monday: FREEDOM!

joshadamski01Guys, we’ve done it. We have escaped Monday at long last and are finally free to do whatever the hell we want ALL DAY!

That’s right, it’s Heritage Day here in the good ol’ S of A, which means we can kick back, chill to the max and all braai the shit out of shit in an effort to celebrate what makes South Africans South African.

Ironically, I’ll be spending most of today working. That’s the double-edged sword that is public holidays – as awesome as they are, you lose a day of productivity which I can’t afford right now. These images from Josh Adamski are making that reality a little easier to bear though.

Check it:








Adamski created these pics by taking normal photos of sunsets and digitally manipulating them to make it look like the images have been painted. You need to check out this man’s 500 px site, his work is seriously amazing.

The third one down is my favourite, makes me want to drink whisky Winking smile

Enjoy the public holiday party people, go eat a hunk of delicious charred meat for your Tiger pal.