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The Ghanian Movie Industry Delivers Another Gem

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.47.14 You guys might remember awhile back I posted a trailer for the Ghanian movie 2016, which was a mind-blowing combination of horrendous CGI, gratuitous violence and insanely bad acting.

Well, it turns out that the Ghanians have been at it again with B14 1 & 2. If the trailer is anything to go by, this is the same (badly) reheated Hollywood leftovers we’ve come to expect from our Ghanian buddies.

Only this time, they’ve thrown in a healthy dose of Mortal Kombat in the form of a character who looks like a cross between Neo and Scorpion (shout out to Civilian for sending this my way).

It’s like some kind of cultural human centipede – Hollywood consumes human experience, shits it out as movies that are consumed by B-grade directors and producers who shit it out as movies that are consumed by Ghanian producers and directors who shit it out as Beee Fourteen ooooooooonnneeeeee and twoooooooooo!




Cool. Are we done here?

We’re done here.



Two MUST SEE Movies For 2013

brain meltedIt’s not everyday that you see a movie trailer that is packed so full of awesome that your brain instantly melts while you desperately try to figure out what the hell just happened.

Well my friends, I’m about to show you two movie trailers (courtesy of my buddy Peggles, nice one bruv!) that will redefine your own personal standards of amazing film-making and most likely change your life FOREVER!

If you thought Ghanaians had NO IDEA how to make awesome movies, think again! They have been keeping a close watch on Hollywood and learned a trick or two about how to make a badass action movie…



Backflip over a gigantic missile! Dude on a flying bike! Exploding eyeball! Vincent watch out!

Some quality cinema right there but wait, it gets better…

IN 2016!



Yeah. That just happened.

Happy Tuesday.