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Friday LOLZ – Winter Edition

tumblr_mniz93jkrH1r0wqrdo1_1280I have no idea why I called this “Winter Edition” other than the obvious fact that, well, it’s winter. None of the LOLZ below contain any references to winter, except for my friend on the left there.

These LOLZ have been hand-picked by your Tiger pal because they are fucking weird and I find fucking weird things funny (quite possibly because I am fucking weird).

So ram these delicious LOLZ into your face and thank me later. If they make your day go any faster then my work here is done.

Let’s start with a trailer for a movie none of us are ever going to see shall we?



From there, we’re going to change things up a bit with a few screen grabs from an early 90s piece of software called Dr Sbaitso which, from what I can tell, was supposed to be some kind of digital psychologist.






Then there’s this gem. Look what the internet has done to people visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa:









And the best one of the lot (courtesy of my man P-to-the-E):



Have a killer weekend party people, stay warm and don’t forget to always check under your pillow before you go to sleep.



Move over Antoine Dodson, I gotta Get Me A Cold Pop

Sweet BrownLordy, lordy, lordy. Those are the only words I can think of after watching the video my good friend Lu just sent me.

Just when you thought the interwebs couldn’t possibly get any more awesome than it already is, a news crew hits the ghettos and finds SHEER INTERNET MEMEGOLD I TELLS YA!

First there was Antoine Dodson (Google his vids if you haven’t seen them already, other level funny shit right there) and now there’s Sweet Brown who, judging from this video, has mastered the fine art of jive-talkin’, smelling barbeques, running barefoot through blazing infernos and getting interviewed by Jesus.



“Ain’t nobody got time for that!” Boolsheeit! I always has me some time for BRONCHITIS!

And of course, here’s the kinda-catchy autotune version:



Interwebs, I love you.