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Escape Monday: Insane Things Google Earth Has Found

rainbow-planeI was trawling the interwebs as I normally do for cool Escape Monday stuffs last night and swung by Twisted Sifter where I found a post about the 50 amazing finds on Google Earth.

I then chose my favourites from that bunch to repost for you guys below. The best thing about all these images is that they come with the co-ordinates where you can actually find them.

A LOT of weird shit going on in the Nevada Desert, that’s all I can say. It’s definitely a place I’d love to visit one day because yeah, it’s basically just a giant landing pad for UFOs from what I can tell…

Just goes to show, there are no secrets in today’s world anymore. Whatever you do is being watched and monitored all the time.


















Crazy world we live in hey Party People?

Good luck out there today.

Fuck I hate Mondays.