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What the Emoticons You Use Say About Your Mental Health

406268It must have been a truly epic, universe-changing moment the first time man sat down to write something and after accidentally placing a colon next to a closed bracket, realised he’d just made a smiley.

“Hey guys! Guys! You gotta see what just happened!”

“What, what did you do? Cure cancer? Discover a cure for AIDS? Become immortal? TELL US!”

“Something way, way better than all those things. Check it out…”


“Woooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh… That’s… that’s fucking AWESOME MAN! It’s like, now when I’m happy, I don’t need to write ‘I’m happy’ I can just use that convenient arrangement of punctuation, hooray!”

And so on, and so on.


SlickTiger Plays The Bad Guy

Creepy shadowTwo guesses what I just spent the last two hours doing and no, it wasn’t klapping gym or running around the forests of Cape Town wearing my underpants on the outside.

I was just sitting with my good buddy Supa Dan and a writer after my own black heart who goes by the name Frank Voorlaaier getting briefed on an idea Voorlaaier’s got for a short movie.

That’s right boys and girls, your buddy Slick’s jumping back in front of the camera, but this time he’s not playing a loveable gym klapping boychie or a happy-go-lucky necrophiliac, but the bad guy in a seriously badass horror movie.