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New Spider-man Movie Tells The Origins Story… Again

Andrew Garfield stars as Spider-Man in Columbia Pictures' "The Amazing Spider-Man."So I’m on the Ster Kinekor website the other day and I happen to see they’re playing this “exclusive trailer” (whatever the fuck that means) for a new Spider-man movie that’s due for release next year called The Amazing Spider-Man.

Being a fan of the first two Spider-Man movies, I was pretty interested to see what new direction The Amazing Spider-Man would take and who would be in it.

They fucked Venom up completely in Spider-Man 3 so I was really hoping they’d try and redeem themselves and introduce someone badass like Carnage, but they didn’t do that, no. Instead they decided to start the whole thing over from scratch, again!

When this gets released, it will have been exactly ten years since the first Spider-Man starring Toby Maguire came out, are our memory spans really that short?!

Also, say what you will about the third one, but the first two Spider-Man movies were great. They had brilliant action sequences and though he was a bit whiney and cried too much, Toby Maguire did a great job of bringing Peter Parker to life.

He was funny, loveable in a goofy kinda way and he kicked a lot of ass. Remember the train scene in Spider-Man 2? That is still one of my all-time favourite scenes in a Marvel movie. That and the scenes where his powers fuck out and he ends up falling 20 stories and eating pavement.



So why, for the love of sweet, sweet baby Jesus, would you sink a good couple of million dollars into telling the same story we’ve already seen?! Are they going to retell the Green Goblin story as well?!

The trailer hints at some dark secret that seems to involve Parker’s parents, but I seriously doubt it’s going to save what looks to be the biggest snorefest since the jazzy dancing scene that the ‘evil’ Peter Parker tap-dances his way through in Spiderman 3.

Also, and maybe this is just me, but the new Spider-Man doesn’t look funny. That was one of the best moves they made with the first two films, they made them funny because in the comic books Spiderman is a funny, nerdy guy. Not some pouting teen heart-throb who takes himself too seriously.

I dunno. This movie has FAIL written all over it, but watch the trailer below and tell me what you think.



Have a killer weekend party people. See ya on the other side Winking smile