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I Am SO Doing This The Next Time Gentleman’s Book Club Rolls Around

gentleman smoking a pipe“Gentleman’s whowhatnow?!” I hear you ask. Gentleman’s Book Club – it’s this idea a buddy of mine came up with and it’s so badass that pretty much everyone I’ve told about it has been like “Wow”.

Instead of swapping books, at “Gentleman’s Book Club” we bring hard drives and “share” hundreds of gigs of music, movies, series, graphic novels, games, you flippin’ NAME IT!

I told Twitter all about it a few weeks back and I got exactly three responses; one positive, one neutral and one mentioning the words “Dutch rudder”. Anyway, it was pretty cool all in all, but not half as cool as the next one where I plan to pull the exact stunt you’re about to see.

Check it:



Hahahaha! How motherflippin’ AWESOME was that?!?!

I’d give that at least a 6/10 on the awesomeness scale, maybe even a 6.5. Best part was how excited the pizza guy got when he saw them all.

That guy SO wanted to throw on a robe and join in. He was chomping at the bit to get involved in that sheeit.

So yeah, we’re definitely doing that at the next Gentleman’s Book Club. Except I want to get my hands on a severed head and a litre of fake blood from a special effects studio and put it on a silver plate on the centre of my coffee table.

The look on the pizza delivery guy’s face will be priceless! Hahahaha!

Good times I tell ya.

Good times Winking smile