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The Tiger Watches “How To Destroy The Universe” Video. Freaks Out.

Universe endingThe universe is a pretty gigantic (or so I’m told) so the thought of the entire thing suddenly ceasing to exist is a total mind fuck. Now you see us, now you don’t. We hope you enjoyed your stay.

The video you are about to watch covers a whole bunch of different theories about how the universe is going to end, all of which are based on the fact that the universe is expanding exponentially.

It’s pretty intense, a lot of quantum theory and other stuff that I don’t even pretend to know anything about. The way this video explains everything is pretty easy to understand though. Easy to understand and mildly terrifying…

Here. Put this into your brain. Mull it over for a bit and see how it sits:



Shit. I think I’m gonna need a minute to let all that sink in while I sip on a fine single malt and plan that hedonistic backpacking trip around South America I’ve always wanted to take…