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The Armikrog Cometh!

83714ad93e95352aebb5009320da27ce_largeI’ll say one thing for 2013, it’s turning out to be a pretty radass year it terms of cool shit coming out (wait, that didn’t come out right… wait, nor did that…)

Not only have some of my favourite bands released albums (Queens Of The Stone Age, The National, Iron & Wine, The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), but they’ve all been pretty damn good.

Then, later this year I’ll be releasing a little creating of my own in the form of a little Tiger cub, which I’m also hoping will be pretty rad and lastly, there’s ARMIKROG!

I dunno if any of you guys remember the Earthworm Jim games from the 90s? Or how about the fucking INSANE point and click adventure The Neverhood? Well the guys responsible for those games have teamed up again to create another gaming masterpiece, also all done in claymation called Armikrog.



Shit like this gets me pretty fired up. I’m a sucker for those old point and click adventures – the Sierra Quest games (Space Quest, King’s Quest, Quest for Glory), the Lucas Arts classics (Day Of The Tentacle, Indiana Jones, Sam & Max, Full Throttle), shit even the Legend Of Kyrandia games were pretty cool.

But my all time favourites (of all time) were Grim Fandango and The Neverhood. In fact, a little-known fact about your Tiger pal is that I played and finished The Neverhood religiously once a year for five years.

Then I lent it to a buddy and never saw it again. About time I got my hands on a copy now that I think about it…



I loved that game because it combined fiendishly difficult puzzles with this beautiful / bizarre clay-made world and a story that was so rich, detailed and epic that actually completing the game was a fucking spiritual experience!

I mean how can it not be when the final line of dialogue spoken by the God and creator of The Neverhood after you save him is: “Listen up everybody! It’s now time to goof off!”

Also, the soundtrack to the game was so good, years later I actually downloaded the entire thing and played it on infinite repeat in my car.

Armikrog looks like it’s going to have all that epic gaming goodness and more, check out the video below:



So THAT’S what John Heder’s been up to. Huh. Who knew…

Needless to say, I’m donating my $20 to the making of that game. It’s well worth it and they’ll definitely reach their target or all my faith in humanity will literally evaporate overnight.

Hopefully the next you’ll be reading about this will be my review.