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The Avengers Movie Better Make Me Kak With Joy

201203231226395261919.pngHas there ever, EVER been a more highly anticipated movie than the Avengers?

I mean besides the trailers, teasers and general hype, there have also been no less than six movies produced in the build-up to this undeniably brobdingnagian (yes, that’s an actual word, look it up) cinematic event.

To put it bluntly, if watching this movie doesn’t make me actually see God himself, if it doesn’t send me into violent paroxysms of sheer joy while choirs of angels descend to sing the end credits, I am going to track down Joss Whedon and co. and kick them so hard in the balls, their grandchildren will walk funny.



Problem is, it’s highly unlikely that the movie is going to live up to people’s expectations given how much it’s been hyped up over the last SEVEN YEARS since Marvel Studios received the original grant to produce the movie back in 2005.

Sure, it took awhile for the rumour mill to start churning, but I can remember hearing about The Avengers well before the first Iron Man movie came out in 2008.

And now here it is, and SA fanboys the country over are literally having romance explosions in their pants because for some bizarre reason, it’s opening here TODAY a week before it opens in the States.

So to celebrate, here’s a trailer I’m pretty sure you won’t have seen for this explosion-packed action-fest, just to make sure you will have already seen ALL the good parts before you actually watch it.



Not sure if I’ll be posting tomorrow boys and girls with it being a public holiday and all, but stop by anyway and maybe I’ll surprise y’all.