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The Truth Behind The Tokoloshe Video

Tokoloshe2Being the slickest Tiger in the jungle, I get emails from time to time with insider information from the puppet-masters who run the interwebs.

One such email hit my inbox last night following the Tokoloshe video I posted on the site last week. Turns out the sceptics were right, the video is part of a sneaky marketing campaign.

It’s genius in it’s simplicity. The brand is called, it’s an online portal to find properties to buy or rent when you wake up one day and realise yours is kak.

Using this concept the creatives came up with a whole buncha ads that I would like to invite you to watch with me. Wait right there, I’ll get the popcorn…



Tiny rabbit-man is scared of the gigantic snake moving in next door, impromptu choir jumps out and bursts into chorous, I can dig that.

How about this one…



Nice! Dude lives next to a power station which is emitting dangerously high levels of radiation. Guessing that’s a tail coming out of his backside and not an errant, mutant poop…

Let’s try on another one.



Hmm. Not sold on this one, the roommate is on a 10 and we need him on a 6 or 7. Still, got a chuckle outta me.

And lastly, here’s the finished up Tokoloshe ad.



So the big question is, what do you guys think of the campaign?

A sneaky little tease with a faked Tokoloshe sighting on the news (which, I’ll be honest, I thought might have been legit the first time I watched it. Yes I know, I’m a gigantic, naive douchebag, but hell that actor is convincing!), which builds to a big reveal when we realise it’s for an online property portal.

I like the idea, but there should have been a bit more tease. Maybe there was and I missed it?

Talk to me people. Tell Papa Slick.