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Friday LOLZ – What Happens When You Smoke 12 Bongs A Day

MAGNUSI always maintained that a bong is like the heroine equivalent of getting stoned; a quick, intense hit that leaves you pretty much incapacitated if executed correctly.

It’s literally been years since I dipped into the mahangajanga, but I still clearly remember (sort of) what it felt like and how, after four or five at most, my perception of reality became somewhat skewed.

Keep this up for about ten years and you’ll reach the level of the people you’re about to see in this video. They practise a martial art called “Yellow Bamboo” which is a “Balinese White Magic and an art of self-development, protection and healing”.

In other words, smoke 12 bongs a day for as long as it takes to believe that you can create a shield of pure energy around you to protect you from your enemies, then go try it out your new-found superpower with your stoner buddies at the lake.

Yeah. I think we all know what happens next…



I don’t know what’s funnier – the fact that these people actually believe this shit, or the fact that one of them is called MAGNUS.

Have a killer weekend Party People, see ya’ll on Monday.