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Bands Taking The Piss

Travis failBig up to NME for originally posting these videos of bands giving the finger to the man by outright refusing to mime their songs when asshole TV producers insist on it.

NME posted this because the Chili Peppers “played” at last Sunday’s Superbowl with their instruments very clearly not plugged in, which nearly caused as much of a ruckus as them collaborating with Bruno Mars.

They faked it like a buncha pros, but obviously wanted it to be known that something was rotten in the state of Denmark by not plugging in. Keidis’ voice was apparently the only real part of the performance.

This prompted NME to dig up other videos of bands taking the piss when they are supposed to be miming, three of which I couldn’t resist posting for you crazy kids.

Let’s kick things off with this epic Travis performance at Top Of The Pops. Remember this song? It’s actually pretty damn good. The hell happened to this band…?



I love the timing of that final custard pie to the face. Fuck yeah.

Next up is Muse who aren’t really renowned for their great sense of humour but you have to appreciate the sly genius of the move they pulled when an Italian chat show insisted on them miming their way through “Uprising”.



So blind. And then the talk show host goes on to interview the drummer thinking he’s the frontman. Do your goddamn homework, sheeit.

And my favourite of the whole bunch by a country mile.

Ladies and gentlemen.




I actually think the way Kurt sang that song was pretty radass. I had no idea he could even sing like that.

Have a killer weekend party people! See ya’ll back in the salt mines next week Winking smile