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Inappropriate Joke Friday Is Back!

tumblr_lf86wsgfIq1qzfpevo1_500Following the resounding success of the first Inappropriate Joke Friday (or IJF, as it’s known in the media), I decided to open the floodgates of my dirty, twisted mind and publish the WORST JOKE YOU HAVE EVER HEARD.

I think it’s fair at this stage to issue a Level 5 Severity Warning to people who might have casually stumbled on this site, are easily offended or are my mom, to just close this window now and walk away.

That’s right, just walk away. Left right left right. There is NO NEED to continue reading any of this and if you do, well, that’s your fault, NOT MINE!

Right, now that that’s out the way, here is the worst joke I have ever heard, as told to me by my good friend JennyJen. Never repeat this to a room full of strangers or they WILL call the police.

Also, keep in mind that while I know this joke, I didn’t think it up myself ok? I’m just repeating it so don’t shoot the messenger if you can’t sleep for a week because of it.




So little Johnnie is banging his grandma one day, and as he’s going down on her he suddenly tastes horse semen and says, “Oh granny! THAT’S how you died!”

Da dum.


[SFX: Crickets]

So yeah. The bar has been set. I’m pretty sure you could unleash the very worst jokes you have ever heard and they won’t put even the smallest dent into that one, so come at me bro!



Most inappropriate joke wins a post in your honour, telling the world what total badass you are, right here on TFW.

Make me proud Winking smile