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Dark Knight Rises Giveaway Courtesy of @MNetMovies And YTP

239080id1a_MR_DkKnt_BOB_BusShelter_48inW_x_70inH_100.inddHow gangster is that headline? I know that got your attention straight up because you like winning cools stuffs and are curious as to what a “YTP” could be. Regular readers of this site got that one straight away.

Am I right guys? [SFX: Crickets]. Ok, awesome, moving right along then. This Sunday at 20:30, @MnetMovies (channel 103) is screening Batman: The Dark Knight Rises for the first time on South African TV.

To celebrate I’m giving away the most badass Batman bobblehead in the history of Batmen bobbleheads. This is no ordinary bobblehead. This is a bobblehead hand-crafted from 100% awesome.

Here’s what we’re dealing with: