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Escape Monday: Superhero Past / Present Silhouettes

khoahosuperheroespaspresent1What a weekend Party People! Checked out the White Collar Boxing event, Nothing But Trouble on Saturday night – was flippin AWESOME! Will hopefully have a post about it up tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s something nice and easy to digest to ease you into your Monday. California-based artist Khoa Ho has done a series of posters he calls Superheroes – Past / Present that are pretty badass.

The silhouettes sum up who these characters are at their core and allude to the past difficulties that they’ve struggled with and overcome to become the characters we know and love. It’s pretty cool, but I reckon the same series with Supervillians would be way more interesting.

Check it:








See how I saved the best for last there? These also made me realise I have no idea how The Flash became The Flash. So yeah, if anyone needs me I’ll be Wikiing the shit out of that shit.

Good luck today guys. Something tells me it’s gonna be a bit of a kak one.