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Escape Monday: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

4-10It’s important to have a “happy place”. A mental place you can retreat to when you’re in the middle of a particularly boring meeting / having lunch with the in-laws / at the dentist having root canal.

That’s really what the Escape Monday project is all about. Giving you guys some awesome images to file in your “happy place” archive to make life more bearable.

The pics you’re about to see are all taken at Cabo San Lucas, a beach in Mexico that has some of the most stunning rock formations I’ve ever seen. Find this place in your mind the next time the boss craps on you for mentally tuning out every time someone craps on you.

Some Inception shit going on right there…












I’ve tried to give credit where it’s due to these images by not cropping the watermarks out, but I’d be stealing these outright if I didn’t include the link where you can check out more work by these artists:

There’s another Escape Monday post comin’ your way at 13.00 so don’t be a stranger cause I think this one’s gonna melt faces.