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Escape Monday: FREEDOM!

joshadamski01Guys, we’ve done it. We have escaped Monday at long last and are finally free to do whatever the hell we want ALL DAY!

That’s right, it’s Heritage Day here in the good ol’ S of A, which means we can kick back, chill to the max and all braai the shit out of shit in an effort to celebrate what makes South Africans South African.

Ironically, I’ll be spending most of today working. That’s the double-edged sword that is public holidays – as awesome as they are, you lose a day of productivity which I can’t afford right now. These images from Josh Adamski are making that reality a little easier to bear though.


Escape Monday: H. Leung’s Enchanted Landscapes

kenhongleungpaintings9In retrospect, I’m not really sure if this Escape Monday project is such a good idea. If ous knew that KLAP GYM BOET SlickTiger was posting this blerrie moffie stuffs, my badass internet rep might be destroyed irreparably.

A person is either a flippin’ KLAP GYM BOYCHAY or a cardigan-wearing, arty-farty paf. The line is drawn in the sand and you’re either on one side or the other.

While you contemplate that pearl of wisdom I’m just going to leave these images that Chinese-American painter Ken Hong Leung did as examples of the kind of stuff a klap gym ou would NEVER post.