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The Fatimah Post!

WXW_5696So I work with this little badass called Fatimah and guys, this is going to blow your fucking mind, but it’s her birthday today!

Too fucking crazy hey?!? Feels like just the other day we were all celebrating Fatimah’s sweet sixteen, sippin’ on a Creme Soda and rocking out to the Backstreet Boys, and now here we are, ten years later, raging alcoholics listening to Katy Perry.

I’m sorry. I don’t really know where that last sentence came from. Or this post really. All I know is that Fati said if I dedicated this to her she’d pay me double the going rate of R2500 that I usually charge for posts.

So come with me. Hold my hand. Ow, not so tight. Ok, that’s better. Jesus you’re sweaty.

Come with me on a photo journey of a good friend of mine who is also a damn fine pool player, has a winning smile and can actually make me laugh out loud which is rare cause girls (generally) aren’t very funny (except for J-Rab. She wins the awesome sense of humour competition hands down).

Something I think I should just say up front about Fatimah is that she is totally nuts for house music which I told her was utter crap one day, because house music sounds like a fucking dishwasher of endless loops. Then she said that white people need deep lyrics and all that other shit because we don’t like dancing (?).

So yeah, here she is dancing:



You should also know that while she has a tough-as-nails-take-no-shit-from-nobody exterior, sometimes she is vulnerable and feels afraid.

Like when she’s on busses. She doesn’t like busses.



But she’s also her own lady y’know? She’s very independent that way, she doesn’t give a fuck about what the masses do or say, they can get bent. Like when everyone decides to be retarded in a picture and point at nothing, she’ll just be like, “Bitch please.”



She also has an alter ego, but guys, please let’s just keep this a secret between you, me and the entire internet ok? If this shit get’s out there her family will be in danger and shit, ok?

Ok. So she likes to masquerade as B.E.E girl, fighter of corporate injustice and valiant defender of the previously disadvantaged with her trusty sidekick, Blonde Girl.



And just to prove she’s a bit of a jester from time to time and enjoys a lark, a great big lark in the courtyard of the king to see how he takes it, here’s a picture of Fati. Dressed as a jester.



And that brings us to the end of the Fatimah post. I hope you think she’s as rad as I do because she really is a total little badass who is also quite a belter and has me in stiches most days.

Happy birthday Fati! Winking smile

Have a killer weekend guys, be safe and remember, when faced with two evils, always go for the one you haven’t tried before.