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Escape Monday: Bees Are Motherflippin Awesome

USGSMacroBees1Most insects I think of as being pretty siff, these weird creepy crawly alien-looking things that bite us, crawl on us while we sleep, burrow into our ears and lay eggs in our brains and stuff.

You ever hear of that Rasta guy in Soweto who decided to cut his dreads off one day, but when the barber lifted them to chop them off, the Rasta guy felt this sharp pain all over his scalp and was like “EINA, STOP”?

They found him dead a day later (the Rasta guy). The reason? Giant nest of spiders living in  his hair that bit the shit out of him when the barber lifted the dreads to cut them off.

So yeah, anyway, bees aren’t siff like that, they are not monsters. They are actually crucial to the survival of every plant species on the face of the planet. Take bees out of the equation and not only is there no more delicious honey for us to eat, but we also all die.

So here are some super close-up pics of bees in celebration of how motherflippin awesome they are.














Good news is if this post hasn’t helped you escape Monday, tomorrow’s a public holiday so you got nuthin’ to worry about.

In fact, why are we even here right now?!

So should have taken leave today…