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A Post About Kissing

kissing_four_mr_120705_ssvIs there anything more intimate than a kiss? Is there any feeling more thrilling than touching your lips to the other person’s, sliding your tongue into their mouth, running it over their teeth and dislodging the spinach that’s been bugging you for the last hour?

Being able to kiss well is something any hot-blooded woman will tell you is a must for stoking up the fires of her passion.

So what I’m gonna do is show you guys two videos. The first is a guide that shows what NOT to ever do if you are kissing a woman (girls, you could also probably learn from this about how NOT to kiss a guy).

Then the second is an instructional video that will help you be the best kisser the world has ever known or your money back!

Watch closely now, here is the first video about what to never do when kissing:



Can you believe what you have just seen? I know right?! That guy has the most incredible voice I have ever heard in my life!

But guys, as you will have seen in that video, having a killer voice and a slim, athletic physique is no help when it comes to landing the perfect kiss.

Although I’m not even really sure you can call that kissing… it’s more like watching a bird feed its young…

But anyway, don’t despair! If you are struggling to figure out how to kiss properly, just watch the following video and your kissing troubles will be a thing of the past!



Did you guys all get that? If not, feel free to watch that video time and time again and don’t forget to practice with those lolly pops and ice creams!

I hope you guys have found the videos above insightful and informative. If you guys have any questions about the videos above, please feel free to leave comments in the comments section below and remember, you don’t have to supply your real name if you’re feeling shy.

Have a super day everyone! If anyone needs me I’ll be curled up in a ball rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of the room.

Until next time!