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Escape Monday: National Geographic Photo Contest 2013

s_n31_13229818This time around, I’m not making any promises. Last week I said I’d be posting every day and yeah… work ended up drilling me so hard I could hardly walk straight.

This time around I’m not making any promises. If I can, I will post. More than that I can’t promise until things calm down a little, which I’m hoping they will as December creeps ever closer.

In the meantime, here are some of the entrants in this year’s National Geographic photo contest. Apparently the entries for this are still open until 30th November so these incredible photos aren’t even the winners.

I’ve listed them from my least favourite to most favourite. Dig it:














From here on in it’s pretty much 100% awesome.


























From my favourite two, it’s pretty clear to see that I’m into sweeping panoramas of snowy peaks, autumn colours and large bodies of water that act as rippled mirrors:





This post doesn’t really do these pictures justice though. Check out the original from The Atlantic here to see these pics enlarged to their full sizes.

It never ceases to amaze me just how beautiful this world is. My only hope is that we find a way to save enough of it that my daughter and her kids and her kid’s kids will get to experience the animals and scenes in these pics first hand.