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The Tiger Hits Up The Met, Becomes Instantly hooked on Horseracing

ShadowAs I mentioned last week, thanks to the kind folks at Ladbrokes, J-Rab and I got to go to the J&B Met on Saturday and bet some money on the races and ended up having a killer time!

Sure, we went to the Met last year as well, but that was really just to swan around in the main marquee drinking champers, eating crayfish and mingling with all the ZAlebrities.

This time around we were there to BET and we had the upper hand from the get go because the kind folks from Ladbrokes gave us some scarily accurate odds and as a result, we actually won some money!

See, we were smart enough to engage in what I call “bi-betting” – ie. we bet online through my account AND we placed bets at the ticket office at the Met itself.



In this way, we turned R700 into R550 in no time – BOOYA! So yeah, technically I guess we lost, BUT we won a good couple of races as well thanks to the tips Ladbrokes gave us.

To be perfectly honest, we lost most of our money at the ticket office. It was just plain weird, J-Rab and I would decide on a bet, then one of us would waltz over to the ticket office to place it and the minute we got there, second guess everything our Ladbrokes buddies told us and bet like total retards.

NEVER second guess yourself like that. Because of that, we missed nailing the trifecta on the main race by ONE HORSE! Ladbrokes’ predictions were leaning heavily toward no. 12 (Igugu), no. 1 (Bravura) and no. 15 (Gimmiethegreenlight) coming first, second and third respectively.



So I saunter over to the ticket office, all confident and ready to place my bet, but at the last minute I overhear some punk next to me saying how no. 2 (Apache) is going to kill EVERYONE in the big race so naturally I change my bet completely, swapping Bravura for Apache, and then spend the rest of the weekend KICKING MYSELF because sure as eggs is eggs, Ladbrokes were right.

And not only do they know their odds, but they know how to get a little attention for their brand as well, hoo-wee! Have a look at the flock of Ladbrokes ladies that were sauntering around the Met while jaws hit the floor around them so hard, the resulting dust cloud made it difficult to breathe.



All in all we had a killer time. The sun was baking, the champagne was flowing and the horses were tearing up the turf while vast amounts of money changed hands, making and breaking fortunes in a frenzy of horseracing good times.

Hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll hear from our friends at Ladbrokes – still got some money in my account so maybe they can give me a heads-up when major sporting events are going down and I’ll share the tips I get with you guys.

We’ll be millionaires before we know it Winking smile