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Granadilla Lolly Price Skyrockets, The Tiger Loses His Shit

granadilla2There is no better feeling known to man than the deep-down happiness you experience after two hours on a scorching hot Cape Town beach when the Grenedilla Lolly Guy rocks up.

“GRENEDILLA LOLLIES!” he belts out in his hilariously legit accent, “A LOLLY TO MAKE YOU JOLLY!” And my God! The man’s right! You’ve never tasted a jollier lolly in your life!

In that golden moment when the ice-cold lolly hits your tongue, you basically don’t have a single care in the world. There’s just the sound of the ocean, the feeling of the sun beating down on you and the taste of granadilla heaven in your mouth.


Slicky-T Hits Up A Brandy Tasting, Learns Stuff

Jamie5-high-resI’m lucky enough to have attended at least 7 or 8 whisky tastings over the past four years and have completed two training courses to be a whisky presenter because I really, really love the stuff.

Being part Irish, a good deal of my DNA is actually comprised of whiskey, which is why I’ll drink you under the table without even breaking a sweat, or in the case of my good buddy Mr D, down a flight of stairs (long story).

So when asked by the good folks over at Oude Meester if I’d like to attend a brandy tasting I was more than a little sceptical.