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Vice Magazine Finds The Real Walter White

The Real WWSheeit, I might as well just call this the Breaking Bad fansite. I hardly post for three weeks and then it’s BreakingBadBreakingBadBreakingBad until your eyeballs are bleeding all over your keyboard.

But this video needs to be watched by you right now. It’s the story of the real Walter White – an actual meth cook who became a drug kingpin in the early 2000s before he was taken down by the fuzz.

It’s a helluva lot less glamorous than the show. For starters, all he did was cook the meth, leave it at random collection points and then go back the next day to collect a big fat wad of cash.


25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Breaking Bad

breaking-bad-20080118045840840As you guys might have noticed, I’m a bit of a Breaking Bad freak and have been posting about the premier of the final season (July 15, bitches!).

If you’re also a die-hard BB fan, you’ll love this list of 25 things you probably didn’t know about the show that was posted yesterday on Buzzfeed.

Among my favourites are the fact that Jesse was supposed to die at the end of season one but got saved by the writer’s strike, all the blue meth in the show is rock candy and an actual DEA agent taught the cast and crew how to make crystal meth.




What Actors Are Actually Taking When They Get Loaded On-Screen

779If I had to make a list of every movie or TV series I’ve ever watched where people smoke, toke, shoot, and shnarf all manner of supposed “drugs” it would be a mile long.

Drug use in movies and series is becoming increasingly prevalent, which always leads me to wonder what the fuck they are actually ingesting.

For a long time I figured it was just the real thing and that there was probably some dodgey pact that Hollywood made decades ago with law enforcement to just turn a blind eye to it in exchange for some fat kickbacks.


The Trouble With Nancy Botwin

weeds-season-6This weekend we got a hold of the rest of season 6 of Weeds and the first 8 episodes of season 7 and proceeded to watch them all back to back because they’re like goddamn Eet-Sum-Mors – once you get started it’s too easy to just pop the next one in your brain and chew away.

If you’ve fallen behind in the show and are planning on watching all the newer episodes, it’s only fair to issue a spoiler alert before I launch into this particular diatribe as it has to do with the current direction the show’s taken and what I’ve come to realise is the trouble with Nancy Botwin.