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Move over Antoine Dodson, I gotta Get Me A Cold Pop

Sweet BrownLordy, lordy, lordy. Those are the only words I can think of after watching the video my good friend Lu just sent me.

Just when you thought the interwebs couldn’t possibly get any more awesome than it already is, a news crew hits the ghettos and finds SHEER INTERNET MEMEGOLD I TELLS YA!

First there was Antoine Dodson (Google his vids if you haven’t seen them already, other level funny shit right there) and now there’s Sweet Brown who, judging from this video, has mastered the fine art of jive-talkin’, smelling barbeques, running barefoot through blazing infernos and getting interviewed by Jesus.




Porn saved my life

What’s pretty rad about living in the modern world is there’s not really any stigma attached to porn anymore, provided it’s regular porn and not 2Girls1Cup porn or 1Man1Jar porn (hadn’t heard of that one had ya? Google it! Do it now!).

This means that as long as you’re not at work and you’re a single guy or have an open-minded girlfriend, you can pretty much watch porn to your heart’s content and no one’s going to think any worse of you… except your parents. They might be a little creeped out by the copy of ‘Weapons of Ass Destruction 5’ you keep stashed under your pillow and come to think of it, so am I.