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I’m Blogging! And It’s Not An Escape Monday Post!

BB Final ReadYeah, a sign of things to come? Christ I hope so. I been so unbelievably snowed under for the last three weeks you guys have no idea. I don’t blog, I don’t klap gym, I hardly see my girls, it’s nuts.

Not seeing The Cub and J-Rab is the worst, but right there in second place is blogging. All those hits I try so hard to grow, all diminishing day after day, fahk.

It will take me about a month of solid posting to get those hits back. So let’s get to it with this RADASS video of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading the Breaking Bad finale for the first time.


25 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Breaking Bad

breaking-bad-20080118045840840As you guys might have noticed, I’m a bit of a Breaking Bad freak and have been posting about the premier of the final season (July 15, bitches!).

If you’re also a die-hard BB fan, you’ll love this list of 25 things you probably didn’t know about the show that was posted yesterday on Buzzfeed.

Among my favourites are the fact that Jesse was supposed to die at the end of season one but got saved by the writer’s strike, all the blue meth in the show is rock candy and an actual DEA agent taught the cast and crew how to make crystal meth.