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Okes Who Like To Klap It #16: Moer a oke for Jesus

jesuspunchCharnas. It’s time for us to have a flippin’ SERIOUS talk about religions because up until now I always thought it were about all that turn the other cheek kak and “do onto the other oke what that other oke do onto you” stuffs.

Well ma boychays it turns out all these time, your pel Slicky-T was WRONG!

Religions is not about being a nice oke AT ALL, religions is about getting MASSIVE AND RIPPED and MOERING the other charna STUKKEND until he loves Jesus.

How flippin BUFF is that?! A whole lotta okes in the United State have started a new kind of church where you get in the ring with a oke and flippin’ MOER THE KAK out of him for Jesus.