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Okes Who Like To Klap It #23: Flippin’ BUFF Laaities!

article-2639745-1E37327500000578-599_634x476Ma charnas and belters it’s been a helluva long flippin time. And during that time your Tiger pel has seen a lotta KLAP GYM type of CHOPHEADS come onto the interwebs and try be like the Tiger, but you ous know.

There is only ONE TIGER in the jungle, the original charna, the GODFATHER of KLAPPING IT and he’s name is SLICKY-T. The other dooses will come and go, but THIS DOOS is here to stay.

Now that thats sorted, I feel like it’s my duty to share something with you ous that I never knowed was even humanly possibly. Laaities – irrhitating little shitheads who run around breaking all your stuff and kakking there pant right? WRONG!