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Calvin & Hobbes Fans, This One’s For You

blu-rayIf you had to run into me, maybe at a bar or (more likely) walking around Vredehoek with The Cub in a pram, and you asked me, “What’s your favourite comic book?” I wouldn’t even hesitate.

I’d answer “Calvin & Hobbes” because it changed my life. I started reading C&H when I was 12 and took an instant liking to it because I grew up as an only child and could relate to this little kid with this gigantic imagination.

The humour of the series was also a huge draw factor because it was fresh, intelligent and it had a child-like innocence to it that made me feel like a kid again.


Why The Release Of Diablo III Terrifies Me

diablo3On the 15th May, the gaming world is going to lose it’s damn mind when Diablo III officially hits shelves and can you blame them?

When the original Diablo was released in 1996, it was an instant classic. The game was as dark as they come and insanely addictive.

But it was really Diablo II (released in 2000) that got its hooks into me personally. Blizzard took the concept from the previous game, expanded it tenfold and created a gaming masterpiece.

To say I got obsessed with that game is a gross understatement – I atebreathedlivedsleepedshat Diablo II for a long, long time. How long you ask? Try A YEAR AND A HALF PLAYING THE SAME CHARACTER!


A Song You Probably Havent Heard In 10 Years

Babylon Zoo - The Boy With The X-Ray EyesBack in the 90s (as with any decade I guess) there were some bands that released killer tracks and then just as quickly faded into complete obscurity, only to surface again at the most random times in our lives.

It’s 3am and you’re listening to Cradock FM and the next thing you know, “Spaceman” by Babylon Zoo starts blasting through the speakers. Remember that one? Christ, giving away my age here…

Anyway, I’ve made it my mission to track down some of the songs that really meant something to me that have since vanished into thin air and this is one of them.


My Top 5 Calvin & Hobbes Christmas Cartoons

There really isn’t much going on today. The office is totally dead and to be honest it’s pretty damn depressing, so I’ve been doing what I always do when I get depressed, reading Calvin & Hobbes!

In my opinion Calvin & Hobbes is the best comic strip that was ever written. Bill Watterson did mankind a huge favour by drawing and writing these stories about a kid genius and his imaginary tiger friend.

And so I thought I’d share my Top 5 Calvin & Hobbes Christmas Cartoons with you guys cause I’m your imaginary tiger friend and it seemed fitting 😉

Once you’ve read these, you have to visit this site: