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Feel-Good Vibes From Nando’s and Cheesekids

600020_10150940754180633_2113325908_aIt’s a crazy day for your Tiger pal folks because it’s my last day at my current job. It’s been two and a half years, amazing how quickly it goes by.

Blink just once and you’ve missed the entire thing. On the other hand, change is good, you gotta embrace that shit because it’s the only constant in this crazy life and without it we’d all be bored stiff.

Speaking of change, I just watched the latest Nando’s and Cheesekids Souperstar video that did the rounds on Friday and it made me feel better in a small way about life in general, so thank you Nando’s, your Tiger pal salutes you.

Since Nando’s put out the first Cheesekids teaser video (at around the time of Nando’s controversial anti-Xenophobia ad), over 800 people have signed up to volunteer at four pop-up soup kitchens around the country – all in areas that have been affected by Xenophobia.

From Alexandra to Langa, Lindela Repatriation Centre to Limpopo, these Souperstars have made a difference by simply volunteering their time and energy to help feed the homeless.

Check it:



My dad started going to church unexpectedly back when I was in highschool, which was a bit of a curveball at the time because I’d never thought of him as a particularly religious man.

He didn’t make a big thing of it and still doesn’t to this day, but all these churchy pamphlets and handouts started collecting on the counter in the entrance hall where he’d “file” them every Sunday.

I didn’t pay much attention to them, they were pretty stock-standard images of Christ getting nailed (the bad way) and suffering for our sins, coupled with lines cleverly designed to make you feel righteous and vaguely guilty at the same time.

But this one caught my eye on day, this story about two friends walking on the beach after spring tide with all these washed up starfish everywhere, thousands of them.



The one friend, much to the irritation of his buddy, kept interrupting the flow of conversation by picking the starfish up and throwing them back into the sea.

Eventually his buddy cracked, saying, “Would you stop that? There are thousands of starfish on this beach, it’s not like you’re making a difference.”

To which the friend replied by picking up another starfish, throwing it into the sea and saying, “I made a difference to that one.”




Hands up who took the three days leave that magically turns into eleven days over Easter?



If you did, you’re a fucking genius. Pat yourself on the back for that shit and go immediately to bar, do not pass go, do not collect 200.

I took those three days because I, like you, am pretty much one of the smratest people ON THE PLANET!

Needless to say, posting might get a little patchy over the next two weeks. We’re taking a road trip up to Knysna along the garden route and then further up to the Eastern Cape to hit some killer spots like Kenton and Port Alfred.



Fingers crossed this cold front passes soon and leaves one last glorious taste of summer in its wake.

Sunshine and good times people. That’s where it’s at Winking smile

So take care of your bad selves over the Easter period. Be safe and celebrate Christ’s brutal crucifixion and somewhat creepy return from the grave by eating little chocolate eggs and Lindt rabbits while I practise some crucifixion and returning from the dead myself.



Catch you crazy fuckers on the other side.