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Happy Second Birthday SlickTiger!

stripper cakeExactly two years and one day ago I pushed this site out lovingly from the moist, slippery birth canals of my twisted mind.

Can you believe it’s already been two years?! Christ, if I’d actually dedicated all this time to writing a novel like I’d originally planned and stuck to writing it as religiously as I blog on this site, I’d have a fucking masterpiece by now.

But, conversely, I never would have met all you, my happy little gang of imaginary internet friends so yeah… um… whoop whoop dee doo?


Finally! a Diet Plan That Actually Works!

anorexic-model-9Diet plans have gotten a lot of bad press recently because food companies have cottoned onto the fact that when people are on them (the diet plans), they eat less.

Eating less is the sole cause of food companies losing out on millions and millions of USD every year and is basically the reason America is going bankrupt.

But what if I told you that there is finally a diet plan that allows you the best of both worlds! Eating as much food as you want (sometimes) AND still losing weight. That’s right folks, courtesy of my good buddy Civilian, I’d like to present to you the Butterfield Diet!


The Friday Metal Band Name Challenge – PART II

Due to the all round awesomeness of the last Friday Metal Band Name Challenge and the fact that @JustinMGrove is a total badass and found me MORE fucking ridiculous metal band names, I proudly present to you:





Alright, alright, calm down. Don’t lose your shit just because I boosted the font size and made it red, I need you to sit up and FOCUS here.

This is no fucking around! These are some of the evilest, darkest, never-been-laid-in-their-LIVES metal bands known to man and to illustrate this point they have not only chosen band names that are fucking retarded, but have chosen to write them in fonts that make your brain swell just reading them.


Everybody Needs To Watch THis. Invaluable Information.

Living in South Africa can be rough. At many times in people’s lives they are subjected to the horrendous ordeal of watching an entire cross-section of our country’s male population urinating in public places such as street corners, parks, art museums and on one particularly traumatising occasion, by the frozen veggies section of Pick ‘n Pay.

Guys, it doesn’t have to be this way. Please take the time to watch this highly educational and informative video entitled “How To Piss In Public” and do be sure to thank me later.


Big thanks to Civilian for that one, you rock, keep the good shit coming.


It’s The Weekend Baby!

Here at TFW he love taking things as literally as possible with very little room for liberal interpretation.

That’s why all I’m posting today is this flippin’ whoresome video sent in by Civilian of what I like to call a ‘weekend baby’.

Don’t do what the baby does this weekend. Behave well, stay at home, watch a sensible DVD and clean the house. DON’T drink the draincleaner!

I’m watching you.



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