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Friday LOLZ: Animal Edition

tumblr_n1dmzyaiGX1r6pudbo1_1280What today needs is some crazy internet animals that think they are people. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s the reason the internet was invented way back in 2007 – to show everyone how flippin RAD animals are.

Animals have existed for well over 90 years in various forms namely flying, crawling, swimming and running. Their primary function is to provide LOLZ for mankind over the internet and taste delicious.

Animals were first discovered in their natural habitat, pet stores, where they begin their lives as tiny replicas of their fully-grown selves and spend a lot of time chewing (except fish, but they can’t be really classified as animals as they belong to the reptile family).


Friday LOLZ: Bumper-Edition Lolz to kick off 2014

tumblr_mwd4f6le2i1s5rsdao1_1280Friday just ain’t the same without some seriously whack Friday lolz from your Tiger pal. These ones are particularly strange / hilarious / deeply disturbing and have taken hours on interwebz trawling to find.

Some guys, they post hot women in bikinis, others post hot women out of bikinis, but me? I post the kind of content that would give any psychologist a very interesting read indeed.

Today’s Lolz feature everything from a very creepy guy drinking juice to what celebrities would like like if they were normal people to some awesome celebrity equations, so don’t be shy boys and girls, dig in!

Starting with this phenomenal gypsy wedding:


The Home Stretch

Wattup Party People.

It’s been pretty heavy going recently, I won’t lie. Work is boxing me in on all sides right now and I’m bleeding time like nobody’s business.

It’s weird, I’ve never felt like I’ve had such a loose grip on time before, it’s just sliding through my fingers continually and no matter how much of it I try to catch, it just spills out.

Blink once and it’s September already. Blink a second time and the year’s done. Too crazy.

Good news is that some crazy shit is in the pipeline so watch this space, things could get interesting 😉