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Daddy Blogger! Hahaha! Never!

nelsonYeah, that last one was an April Fools Winking smile 

From the perspective of making this site more attractive to marketers, attracting more advertising revenue and establishing a devoted base of readers, becoming a Daddy Blogger would certainly be the smart move, but since when have I ever made a “smart move”?

I know that earlier post caused a lot of uproar with countless people on Twitter shouting from the rooftops that I’d “sold out” turned into “a softie” or just plain “gone mad”, but I assure you none of those sentiments are true (except for going mad. “All work and no play…”).

I do have something planned for the site going forward though, but more of this in another post.

For now you can all rest easy knowing that this site will remain, as it always has, basically unreadable and relevant to no one.




An Addendum To Yesterday’s Post…

manbabiesFirst off, thank you all for the positive vibes you sent after yesterday’s post where I announced that I’m going to be a dad. It means a lot to both J-Rab and I, you guys rock.

Secondly, I just wanted to set something straight in case there are a few of you who might have instantly decided to never read this site again in fear of me becoming a “daddy blogger”.

While I am blown away at the thought of being a dad and will definitely write about fatherhood from time to time, I still intend to use this site as I always have, namely as a place where I can hang out on the interwebs and be weird.

At heart I guess I’m a lot more private than a lot of other bloggers who bang away at it every day and the same way I don’t use the site to document the intimate details of my relationship with J-Rab, I don’t see myself using it as a platform to show my girl-child off to the world.



If it gets to that point, I’m relying on you guys to set me straight. If every post is about my kid I want you  guys to shoot me. Don’t kill me, aim somewhere non-lethal like the shoulder or the head, but definitely shoot me.

As a show of good faith, here’s a badass video I found yesterday featuring possibly the world’s best narrator (with the world’s largest hands) labouring a point in an extremely colourful and energetic manner indeed (huge props to @BrettRexB for unearthing this classic piece of interwebs awesome):



So don’t worry guys, yes your Tiger pal is going to be a dad in August, but no it won’t affect this old junkyard spaceship I call a blog site.

Party on Wayne Winking smile