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Dances Moves Like You Have NEVER Seen

keithThe weekends just around the corner party people, which means thousands of the crazy cats who read this site are going to be hitting clubs around the world like muthufukkin’ WRECKING BALLS YO!

But you have a problem. You ain’t got no sick DANCES MOVES.

Well, that’s where your ol’ buddy Slicky-T comes in. If you watch and memorise the following dances moves, I can GUARANTEE you this: unlimited sex. With however many partners you want. All the time.

We’re going to start off slow with some dances moves called the “Sick Cat”, watch, memorise share with all your friends and enjoy!



Great job! How we feeling? Ready to take it up a notch? OK! Let’s rock one of my favourites – “No Bones”.



And now that we’re getting in the mood, let’s dim the lights a little and try on the “Romance Dance”. Ooooooohhh yyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh…



How are we feeling? Pretty amazing? More amazing than you’ve felt in WEEKS right?! THAT’S the power of sick dances moves.

But now it’s time to forget about that beginner level dances moves BOOLSHEEIT. If you REALLY want to get some fine BOOTAY, try some of THESE dances moves on for size.




Have a killer weekend party people, see y’all on the dancefloor Winking smile