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Help Your Tiger Pal Shine A Light

Naw1How much is ten dollars?

At the current exchange rate, $10 works out to be exactly R92.89. So right now, $10 will buy you 7 litres of petrol, roughly 5 beers, maybe a decent steak provided you don’t go somewhere too pricey.

But to Naw, an HIV positive woman living in rural Thailand, that $10 could change her life.

I heard about Naw from a man by the name of Daylin Paul (Mr D on the site) who, besides being one of the best photo journalists I’ve ever met, is also a stand up guy and one of the few who has chosen a life of hardship and sacrifice for the good of others.

He packed his life up last year and struck out for Thailand to work with NGOs there and fight the good fight for the poverty-stricken people living in rural parts of the country without access to so many things we take for granted.



At this point I know a lot of you reading this are probably thinking, “Why the hell didn’t he stay here in SA and fight the good fight in his own country?”

He did for awhile and has worked as a photo journalist for the Cape Times and Cape Argus and now divides his work between Africa and Asia which is what brought him to Thailand where he currently resides.

His current project involves trying to raise awareness about HIV in communities in Thailand where they are cut off from modern conveniences and access to information.

In these parts of Thailand there is a strong social stigma still attached to HIV / AIDS and a shocking lack of understanding of the disease.

This is something Daylin seeks to address by documenting the hardships people in rural Thailand endure through Naw, a single mother living with HIV who works six days a week in conditions that most healthy people would struggle to cope with.



Daylin has an Indiegogo page ( where he’s trying to raise a modest $2500 to fund this photography / multimedia project.

His end goal is to get his work either published or have it featured in an exhibition where it can be used as a tool to promote greater awareness of HIV in rural communities in Thailand whilst highlighting the amazing work that NGOs are doing that often goes unnoticed.

But seriously, this post does no justice to Daylin or his project, you need to check out his Indiegogo page and get donating.

At the moment he’s managed to raise just over $400 so he’s still got a ways to go. I figure if we, the good people of SlickTigerLand, each do our part to pledge $10 to his cause, he’ll reach his target goal and get the funding he needs by the end of next week.

Let’s shine a light guys. Daylin has 27 days left to reach his target – share this with your friends and your friend’s friends and let’s make it happen.



Mindgun – One Seriously Badass Site

The saying goes that you’ll never meet your future wife in a bar and I think there’s a lot of truth in that, but man-o-man, if I had to write a list of all the twisted, crazy fuckers who’ve ended up being great friends that I met in bars, it would be a goddamn mile long!

Mr D was one of those fine, upstanding maniacs (read this story as proof). I met him on a night when I was playing a gig in Grahamstown. He was knocking back a pint of stout and eyeing the bar like at any minute he might pull a knife out and lay into someone for making eye contact, so naturally I walked over and started up a conversation with the man.



We struck up a friendship that I regard as a personal best based on the acres of common ground we shared through the bands we listened to, the questionable literature (mainly comic books) and movies we were into and our common appreciation of the whisky-drinking, hard-living, party-loving legacy artists like Jim Morrison left as an example for us mere mortals to live up to.

And man-o-man, did Mr D and I live it up. We eventually worked as barmen at the same dodgy-assed pizza joint where our only mission from one shift to the next was to see just how drunk we could get without passing out / getting fired.

Those were the old days, the bad days, the all or nothing days. It was blood for blood by the gallon and we were ready for war Winking smile

Over the years we went our separate ways. Mr D now teaches English in Korea, but recently we’ve been able to stay in contact thanks to the blog site he started, Mindgun.

The man is a killer photographer and actually worked as a staff photographer for The Argus (among other papers) in Cape Town before he left for Korea.

His mission with Mindgun is to take a picture everyday and write a couple sentences / paragraphs about it so his photographic muscle doesn’t atrophy while he’s over there.

I’ve thrown in a couple of my favourites below and as you can see, he’s no slouch behind a lens.









He’s a great writer and an even better shooter so his site gets my full recommendation as an awesome place to stop by when you have a minute. It’s also pretty fascinating to read about Korea and his experience of it from the cuisine (pig spine soup and dog penis fish) to its culture and history and Mr D is right in the thick of it, guns blazing, writing about what he sees in the only way he knows how – with 100% unashamed honesty.

So be a pal and bookmark the man’s site, you’ll be a better person for it.

Otherwise have yourselves a killer weekend party people, I’ll see you all same time, same place on Monday.

Until then Winking smile