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Slicky-T Watches New Evil Dead Trailer – Gets Put Off A Weekend Away In The Woods FOR LIFE

da5c9f446079c5ea0e5243d6644ec31dI have my main man @FaustoBecatti to thank for this one. Remember awhile back I told ya’ll that there were rumours that there was going to be a new Evil Dead movie? Turns out those rumours were true.

Sam Raimi, who wrote, directed and produced the first Evil Dead film back in ‘81 is back this time as a producer and co-writer of the remake of Evil Dead.

The film is going to be directed by Fede Alvarez who, for a first-time director, looks like he’s done a bang up job of creating the most terrifying, gruesome, gore-filled movie I’ve seen in a very, very long time.


A Joke For Mondays

When Mondays roll around, I think of this crusty old joke our science teacher told us back in prep school.

This guy dies and goes to hell and when he gets there, Satan’s waiting for the dude, dressed in a slick suit with a big, shit eating grin on his face.



He says to the guy, “The way it works down here is you got three choices how you want to spend the rest of eternity.”

“Um, ok,” says the guy nervously.

“So choose carefully,” Satan says and winks at the guy.


Conversation With Beelzebub

A few weeks back I got up on my high horse and pranced around the place (one of my favourite pastimes) because the Chairlady of our Body Corporate is Satan.



You can read all about it in this post right here, but basically Beelzebub and her Minions Of Darkness were pissing on my battery because they issued this snotty letter telling us we weren’t allowed to use the pool in the complex without filling in this whole roster thing because someone kept pulling the creepy out the pool and leaving it in the sun to shrivel up and die.