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Brooke Candy – I Blame Die Antwoord

2012_08_25_Show Biz BallSo there’s a new slutbag on the block and she goes by the name of Brooke Candy. This “rapper” used to be a stripper and the main message behind her first single “Das Me” is “being called a slut is a compliment”.

The video for “Das Me” plays out like a garish nightmare of freakishly long fingernails, pink braids and outfits most people wouldn’t be seen dead in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for edgy, controversial artists but I have a serious problem with being shocking just for the sake of it and the general lack of intelligence artists like Brooke Candy seem to possess.


SA Needs Edgier Bands

Every time I get into a debate about South African music I always feel like a total jerk because I don’t really follow the local scene that closely so I’m pretty goddamn ignorant, truth be told.



Still though, local bands don’t really blow my hair back and I say that with the utmost respect to the bands playing in SA because I know it’s fucking hard work and they constantly have to deal with all kinds of rejection, frustration and apathy from audiences who would rather be listening to Lady Gaga blasted over the speakers in some douche-ridden piss hole with a buncha assholes in collared shirts and slut-bags in tiny skirts with and too much self-tan.