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Album Review: Wavves – King Of The Beach

Picture a random house party when everyone’s sitting around at 3 in the morning and the guy who’s spent the last hour drinking tequila straight out of the bottle picks up a guitar and starts trying to jam.

Now put that guy on stage in front of hundreds of ticked off fans and you’ve got a situation much like the one that happened last year when Wavves played their most notorious gig to date,  the Barcelona Primavera Sound Festival.



Nathan Williams (frontman, singer and guitarist for the low-fi stoner rock band Wavves) ingested a cocktail of Ecstasy, Valium and Xanax before taking to the stage at Primavera last year and behaved like a giant asshole kid which, at the tender age of 23, is exactly what he was.

Well, good news is Williams is 24 now and has put such childish things as his highly publicised and cringe-worthy meltdown behind him to surge forward with Wavves third album, King Of The Beach.

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