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Awesome Fainting Supercut

FaintingIt’s not every day that a video on the interwebs makes me laugh out loud, but holy shit, I was trying to talk to my dad whilst watching the video I’m gonna show you and it just wasn’t happening.

I had to stop playing it eventually because my dad thought I had full-on lost my mind.

You will full on lose your mind too though because fainting is funny. One minute you’re totally fine, going about your life and the next you lose consciousness completely and face-plant on national television. Or in the middle of a church service. The church ones are the best.



Gig Review: Basement Jaxx

Remember back in high school when school socials would roll around and you’d get all excited about rocking out at them and having the time of your life, and then the big night rolled around and you realised all it was was a bunch of bored-looking people crammed into your school hall wishing they could get their hands on some booze?

Yeah. In one, long convoluted sentence, that was Basement Jaxx last Friday.