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Tomorrow’s Free Comic Book Day!

free-comic-book-dayOnce a year, comic book shops the world over unite to give away free comic books to the masses on the first Saturday in May, which is tomorrow bitches!

I checked Free Comic Book Day out last year and ended up dropping about R500 on graphic novels because they were going for 50% of what you’d normally pay for them in some cases.

It’s totally worth checking out, not only for the discounted comic books and graphic novels, but also for the fan boys and girls who get ass dressed up for the occasion like they’re at Comic Con or something.




Free Comic Book Day Hell’s Yeah!

Me and comic books go way back.

When I was about six years old, I went to stay with my crazy aunt and uncle for a few weeks while my folks were on holiday and basically had the time of my life.



Every day my uncle would arrive home with a bag of Tomato Sauce chips and two comic books tucked under his arm for me.

I still remember lying on the floor in the lounge of that mad, mushroom-shaped house, happily munching on the chips while my grubby red-stained fingers turned the pages hungrily.